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The Campaign Against the Conquest of Mars by Elon Musk

The fundamental motion, devised through the Activista employer, consisted of a billboard in the front of the SpaceX headquarters
Its promoters are seeking to raise consciousness about the priority of preventing climate alternate on Earth

04/23/2021 10:17
The conquest of space has come to be one of the priorities of billionaires consisting of Elon Musk , Jeff Bezos or Richard Branson , who searching for 比利时电话号码表 to switch the achievement they have accomplished on Earth to different planets. In the heritage of the SpaceX missions , Musk’s task is also locating new sources of resources or area tourism, a colonial process that denounces the ” Mars Sucks” marketing campaign , devised through the Activist organization, which has placed a poster outside from the headquarters of SpaceX itself at the occasion of Earth Day .

“La Tierra” signs all of the messages of the marketing campaign
The content of the marketing campaign is straightforward and direct and is explained via its creators: “Why will we prioritize the colonization of Mars? Why don’t we awareness our efforts on saving Earth, the planet that humans have already colonized? ” . And the implementation of the idea has observed the equal course, with a digital poster in which an photograph of the purple planet seems with the slogan “Mars sucks” , a message signed with the aid of “Earth” .

This motion has been followed by way of other creatives launched on social networks in which the missions to Mars are criticized with messages together with:
“The landscapes of Mars will actually take your breath away”
“The temperature today on Mars is -117 tiers . Bring a sweater. ”
” The closest seashore to Mars is 136 million miles away. ”
” A year on Mars lasts 687 days, so it’s the equal shit, however a good deal longer. ”
” Bruno Mars, this isn’t for you. You are cool ”
“ Sunsets on Mars are blue, so they are sadder, like the whole thing on Mars ”


As hyperlinks between the long listing of messages spread by using the “Mars Sucks” campaign, the irony that Mars should end up a destiny vacationer vacation spot, to which Elon Musk aspires, who has set 2024 as the yr to bring the first human beings to a pink planet where common temperatures are underneath 0 and the air is unbreathable, as denounced through the architects of this campaign, who allude to weather alternate as “the greatest mission that humanity has confronted.”

“Do the best ones really use their talents for this?”

In addition to this creative notion, from Activista they answer the query “What can I do to assist” .
” It is straightforward. Do what you are suitable at and push yourself. As a creative enterprise, our priority is to use it to assist our planet. Not just like the smartest and richest human beings on Earth – alluding to Bezos or Musk – who use their abilties and cash to get us to Mars. This is severe?” , displays Paco Conde, Founder of Activista.

For his component, Beto Fernández , the other Founder of the organisation, makes a remark about the content material used inside the marketing campaign : “For a few years humans dreamed of going to Mars. But now that we’ve get entry to to actual pictures of the Red Planet… Nothing like these snap shots, used inside the marketing campaign to see the truth of a run of the mill, useless and boring vicinity, rather than the excellent planet we live on. ”


The new area race: from the private sector and closer to tourism

Adopt a Uncle will ship 1,000 love letters into area with SpaceX
Although the motion of the billboard has lasted 24 hours , the Activista campaign will remain energetic on social networks and on the “Mars Sucks” website, from in which a call to movement is made to “aid local and international groups that they fight in opposition to weather alternate with direct motion and are committed to lengthy-term adjustments ” .

LABELS “” Mars Sucks “, the marketing campaign in opposition to the conquest of Mars by Elon Musk”
The digital divide and rural connectivity, challenges in telecommunications beyond 5G
Richard Branson will fly into area with Virgin Galactic on July 11, beforehand of Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin
Pasapalabra’s most regarded advert is from Lexus and receives 5.Five million visitors
Katy Perry, Céline Dion and different celebrities, stars of the first commercial of Resorts World Las Vegas
“Stay Fabulous” immerses the viewer in a myth world produced with technology used in “The Mandalorian”
The advert, focused at the enjoyment of the hotel casino, could be aired in the course of 美国电子邮件列表 a exposure break for the Oscars This Saturday the Oscar Awards gala will take region , wherein the films, administrators, actors and actresses and employees from the arena of cinema in standard will be known who will enhance the famous statuette in reputation of the paintings done during the last


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