The influence they have

The influence grant where investments are made to ensure. Compliance by companies with EU standards already adopt but not yet in force. Aid limit and intensity. The aid limit is EUR million. The aid intensity may not excee % of the eligible costs. The aid intensity may be increase by % for aid to a medium-size. Enterprise and by % for aid to a small enterprise. Eligible costs Eligible costs include. The purchase of new means of transport by road, rail, inland waterway and sea. That comply with adopt Union standards, provide that the purchase in question takes place before those. Union standards enter into force and that, once they become mandatory.

Opportunities they offer

They do not apply to means of transport acquire before that date. Retrofitting of existing means of transport by road, rail, inland waterway and sea, provide Photo Retouching that Union standards were not already in force when those means of transport enter into service and that, after their entry into force, those standards are not applie retroactively to those means of transport. Eligible costs also include additional investment costs necessary to achieve a level higher than require by applicable. EU standards or to increase the level of environmental protection in the absence of EU standards.

Resulting from indexability The influence 

If the costs of investing in environmental protection can be separate from the total investment costs as a separate investment, costs relate to environmental B2B Phone List protection are consider eligible. In other cases, the costs of investing in environmental protection are determine by reference to a similar, less environmentally friendly investment that would likely have been made in the absence of the aid. The difference between the costs of both investments determines the cost relate to environmental protection and constitutes eligible costs. Costs directly relate to achieving a higher level of environmental protection are not eligible.

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