This may include updating employees

Financial and medical records and even clients’ records. Hence, it not only saves employees time and helps them to engage in other tasks for better productivity. But now you must be thinking that this technology is quite similar to AI. So, let’s check out Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing – Aren’t they the same? And the much-debated topic of the time is whether AI and cognitive computing are the same thing. Well, the answer is a clear “no”. Since even though both these technologies have many things in common, yet they vary widely. Let’s have a look at how they differ.

Focus: Artificial intelligence tries to supplement

Human thinking to resolve complicated problems. Moreover, the focus of AI is to provide accurate results. While on the other hand, the latter imitates Israel Telegram Number Data human behavior and reasoning to solve complex issues. Process: The former discovers patterns and hidden information to derive a solution. However, the latter simulates human thinking to find solutions. Purpose: While the former automates processes, the latter only aids in augmenting human capabilities.

Decision-making: AI has the power

Making decisions without human intervention. However, the latter only supplements humans to aid them in making decisions on their own. Field of application: Sectors like finance, healthcare, security, manufacturing, retail, and others un Italy Telegram Number List e former as their helping hand. While the latter is used in sectors like customer service, healthcare and other industries. Cognitive Computing in the Present Era Cognitive Computing in the Present Era With the world depending on these computing systems, what’s better than implementing it as a solution. Cognitive computing solutions are widely used in the present era. Let’s take a look at some of the use cases to understand it better.

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