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Vips parodies C. Tangana’s “Tiny Desk Concert” to promote their salads

The restaurant chain fuses music, humor and product in “Tiny Lunch Concerts”
The campaign, devised by Comunica + A, stars the duo Bocabeats Comedia uae telephone directory search by phone number The songs and style of “El madrileño”, better known as C. Tangana, go beyond the musical frontiers to inspire other industries, specifically advertising, which has recently opted for the artist to generate ideas and communications. After seeing how Cervezas Alhambra mixed its chords with the verses of Juan Ramón Jiménez , it is the turn of the Vips restaurant chain , which has emulated one of its concerts to publicize its new products.

Like the new product, the campaign is committed to fusion as a differentiating element
The company has included four new salads in its menu with which it is committed to the fusion of ingredients that, a priori, were not compatible, such as marinated beef, mango, noodles or wonton. Inspired by the product itself and its daring heterogeneous nature, Vips has created “Tiny Lunch Concerts” , a campaign signed by the Comunica + A agency , in which it combines contemporary music, humor and the new salads on the menu.

In this way, following the tabletop musical performance by singer C. Tangana along with other artists organized by NPR, the company has seated Asier and Iván, a comedy duo known as Bocabeats Comedia, at its table . Together with the Zip Zap studio , they have composed a song with Latin rhythms, autotune and a lot of sense of humor and irreverence, which ironizes about the “posturetis”, those people who only think of taking a picture of the dish they are going to eat to win a handful of likes on social networks.

The piece, shot in one of the chain’s restaurants, recreates the atmosphere and aesthetics of the original video and aims to generate a relaxed, vitalistic and camaraderie atmosphere by putting food at the center of the narrative and making its protagonists indulge invade by the rhythm and the “good vibes”. ” After swelling up to eat BocaBeats comedy, they decided to cover a great song tooop:” Postureti “(ft. #EnsaladasVIPS). Our first tiny desk has been as fresh as our new salads. Yasss queen! Add sauce a week and come for one! ”, the company has shared on its social networks to publicize the campaign.

Also, along with creativity, the brand has launched a contest based on Bocabeats Comedia. “ Posing raffle! Together with our friends from Vips we raffle 3 dinners with a value of € 50 each so you can get some salads with all the flow. Get involved and show off how hipster you are with your strawberry feta salad! ”, The duo has shared through their Instagram account. Those interested should like the publication, follow the company and couple’s account and tag a friend account.

With “Tiny Lunch Concerts”, Vips continues to bet on hooligan humor, a communicative field that it already entered last Christmas with the promotion campaign for its pancakes with Dakota Tarraga. The song “Postureti” can be enjoyed on YouTube, Spotify and on the company’s social networks and Bocabeats

Data sheet

Advertiser: VIPS Responsible Client: Alexis Chauvin and Raquel Martín
Agency: Comunica + A
Creative Vice President: Javier Antoñanzas
Creative team: Emilia Bertola, Cova Díaz, Sandra Sánchez, Adrián de la Natividad, Marta Gil, Adriana Hernández, Raquel Liébanas, Alessandra Rosati.
General Account Director: Javier Alvira
Account Director: Tania Samartín
Account Supervisor: Beatriz Sandoval
Account Executive: Laura Roda
Producer: Emilio Relova
Production Company: FTF Cam
Musical Production: Vicente Carrasco (Zip Zap)
Words and music: Aitor Vidaurreta, Iván Perez, Vicente Carrasco
LABELS “Vips parodies C. Tangana’s“ Tiny Desk Concert ”to promote their salads”
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