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Welcome to the era of omnichannel selling

In the current VUCA environment, customer demands in relation to the experience provided by interaction with brands and marketers are increasingly how to get a chinese mobile number high. The buyer, both in B2B and B2C environments, chooses at all times the channel that suits them best, so companies need to activate an effective ‘cross-channel’ support. That is where the sales force must deploy all its capabilities, generating business and linking the customer.

The adoption of a customer centric strategy requires a constant evolution of the formulas used to meet the needs of customers, adapting them to changes in motivations and purchasing patterns. The client has decided that convenience, personalization and immediacy are three of the most relevant guiding principles to guide the relationship with its suppliers. This decision requires not only a demanding transformation of the internal structures of the company, but also to generate changes in the culture of the organization that makes it possible to address these challenges.

Based on this convenience approach, the buyer chooses the channels in which they want to be, through which they want to communicate and transact. If the selling company is present in these channels, its sales force will have the option of interacting with its potential buyer and generating sales opportunities. If not, you will lose that opportunity. The first maxim is that the organization must have a relevant presence in the channels that its target customer prefers to use.

The challenge of omnichannel Omnichannel represents a clear overcoming of multichannel. While the latter implies making available to the customer the possibility of interacting through various channels, omnichannel requires the maximum integration of channels, becoming the highest point of the customer centric strategy.

For the selling organization, omnichannel requires a 360 ° interaction with the customer, which obtains a completely integrated, homogeneous and seamless shopping experience, regardless of the channel in which it occurs. In this scenario, the client concatenates the different phases and moments of the purchase process, operating indistinctly from any channel, with a feeling of fluidity and obtaining an immediate response.

The company needs to face challenges with strategic and operational ramifications, from all its functional areas, and that impact on three main areas: culture, innovation and technology.

1. Organizational culture. The main challenge, and surely the most complex, is to generate changes B2B Phone List in the organizational culture. The adoption of an omnichannel approach requires transversality and collaborative work between functional areas that are probably more used to thinking and executing in silos than to developing joint projects …


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