Welltok’s Concierge, a cognitive tool

Instantly processes vast amounts of data to provide smart and effective recommendations to users. The tool is largely used in health insurance, centers and similar sectors to manage patients’ overall health. Concierge is an AI based chat-bot which was built with IBM Watson Health. It can provide numerous answers to on-demand questions based on healthcare benefits and costs. Moreover, it can also provide conversational answers based on the information a consumer provides. Conclusion – Cognitive Computing and the Future Cognitive Computing and the Future And here’s a fact that will blow your mind. The global cognitive computing market size in was billion USD.

And guess what? Till the CAGR is said

To increase by %! That is equal to billion USD! Hence, this speaks for itself the demand for the third era of computing, which is definitely competing with Spain Telegram Number Data technologies like computer vision and AI. So, what do you think? Will cognitive computing be the leader in the field of technology in the future? Comment down below to let us know about it!The Top Intelligent Apps in Intelligent Apps: In the world of billion smartphone users (Statista) it’s unimaginable to think of a life without smartphones.

One feels impaired without a smartphone

Lack of a smartphone feels like a cut-off from the real-time world. Smartphone users Hence, we can surely say that smartphones have transformed our lives. The gadget is not merely used for communication, but alsowork, entertainment, and whatnot?! What makes smartphones a part and parcel of our life? It’s  the irresistible Canada Telegram Number List applications inside it! Be it personal or professional needs, applications manage them all. They not only serve the purpose effectively but also have engaging and interacting features. These applications have advanced into intelligent apps. These next-gen applications have made tasks easier.

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