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The goal of personalization is to make the email feel personal. You have all kinds of subscriber data at your disposal—why not make the most of it? While it’s not possible to deeply personalize every single campaign you send, think about the ways to add a personal touch where you can, such as: make target recommendations bas on previous behavior; use segmentation to create separate messages for subscriber groups bas on pain points or previous engagement; trigger automat emails after they meet certain milestones; mix up send times bas on previous subscriber behavior or geographic location; showcase their purchase or product data in an interesting way.

Is There Such a Thing

Spotify’s Wrapp campaign is one of the best-known examples of personalization gone viral on social mia. Spotify listeners know that the app b2b leads collects all kinds of data about their preferences. Packing up this data for the year in an email built for social sharing helps the campaign go viral every December. That’s because personalization is what your subscribers want. Studies show that personaliz subject lines are 22% more likely to be open, making this one of the most successful email marketing techniques. Experiment with extra special content types; this is where the wow factor comes in with your email content.

As an Email Renderer

While it may take extra effort to develop, choosing a few emails each quarter that get special treatment with dynamic content, animation, or interactive content can go the extra mile. This email from Bose is a great example of simple but effective interactive content by using a scratch-off effect in an email to reveal B2B Phone List a discount code. Try adding other special, potentially unexpect elements to your emails to boost engagement. For example, dynamic countdown timers help create a sense of urgency around events, contests, and promotions. The more creative, the better! This playful announcement from Lyft, for example, uses an animation to encourage subscribers to scroll down and learn more. 5. Go big on your call-to-action.

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