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4 lessons to implement before renaming your business

Changing the brand of your business can be due to various reasons, it can be anything from updating your logo, design themes to be more modern, to reinventing your business to better match your situation or current products. However, says Marketing Insider Group, rebranding should never be taken lightly. A good rebrand can help a business better Algeria Mobile Database connect with a new or changed target market, or help keep a business at the forefront of their customers’ minds. In turn, a badly applied name change can ruin a business that costs millions of dollars for large corporations, be the target of ridicule, criticism or confusion among potential customers in addition to current ones. So before you ask a designer to redo the logo, remember these four lessons from other businesses’ rebranding efforts. Algeria Mobile Database

Like everything else on the planet, the world of design goes through trends as well as fashions. Often times updating a logo means changing an old design to match the current trend. The problem, says Marketing Insider Group. It is that sometimes during the branding change, a logo with a bold and iconic design is replaced with something bland. An example of this was Gap’s redesign in 2010. Its logo had been around for decades and Swiss font played a key role in both style and identity. They were elegant and fashionable; the redesign lacked that theme, instead they became something bland, a minimalist theme that many other brands featured. Target audiences grow, industries evolve, and that means brands must change with them. Many change efforts are focused on adapting to the tastes of the current target market, or targeting a new demographic.

Old Spice teaches us a lesson from the above. The advertising of the model screaming from the TV was nothing special; however they found virality with loud and youthful posts. From there, the brand addressed a younger audience, with new designs and new products. Their logo didn’t change, they just chose a new market to search and they succeeded. They Brother Cell Phone List became more than just an ad campaign, it grew to influence the brand as a whole. So a rebrand might be necessary if your current target market has changed dramatically, or your current efforts aren’t connecting as much as they should. Your brand is extremely valuable and any changes to it must be carefully planned, designed to last for a long time. Don’t mess with your brand, especially if you’ve created it for many years, just to get attention.

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