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5 strategies in digital marketing that you ignored in 2018, but will be a trend in 2019

Marketing investment in Mexico is expected to reach 178 billion pesos by the end of 2018, according to a study conducted by the Merca2.0 Research Department. Within this projection, consumer promotions concentrate $ 38 billion pesos, BTL programs $ 13 billion pesos, and advertising agencies $ 9 billion pesos. There is no doubt about the strategic Paraguay Mobile Database effort to achieve the best results with these budgets, however, the application of digital marketing strategies remains to be resolved, since it is the scenario that today concentrates the interest of consumers, brands, media and not It is for less, especially when figures projected by Statista warn that by the end of 2018 40 million digital consumers will have bought in Mexico. Paraguay Mobile Database

The number of digital consumers continues to rise and investment in digital is also growing, just look at Statista’s projection on the media that concentrate investment in advertising within Mexico. Television takes most of the investment and digital is the second medium to obtain advertising resources. Between 2016 and 2017 the projection has not disappointed in growth. It is essential to advance in this same proportion, so that a greater investment requires a greater strategy in the application of digital marketing strategies, due to the relevance that online has, because while television seems to guarantee a massive reach, digital offers interaction and other qualities that make work in this setting indispensable.

That said, the following is a list of digital marketing strategies that you forgot to apply in 2018, but that will be a crucial trend in 2019. Be careful there, reader. The role of the consumer has been energized through social networks and mobility. These two factors have impacted on the way consumers think about a brand, what they express about them and the trends they create based on what counts. Speaking of the consumer as a brand creative stems from the content in which the Brother Cell Phone List consumer assumes the voice of a company and tells a story. Whether it is a user who creates an ad on networks or a group of office workers looking for a lost “toper”, the opening of social networks and the empowerment of the consumer to tell their ideas with digital tools that are extremely easy to manipulate, they are the equation whose answer is: 2019 is the year when you cannot lose sight of your followers with a community manager and through strategies such as social listening or real time marketing. There is an aspect that many marketers do not see and that is that there must be a link between the Big Data that your team has and the brand value that must motivate all the interpretation you make of this information.

In the end, what you get are actionable insights, which help you develop activities once you have processed the data. Those who have understood this dynamic, have established a Study where they make a team for the narration of data and it is that many speak of the complexity of interpreting them, however, it is a simple task when the roles within the team are well defined, goals are established clear and invested in tools, which work with a logic of response in proportion to the tasks they perform. Yes, yes, we have already talked about digital advertising ad nauseam, however, part of the upward projections that we have detailed in this segment will be due to the new increasingly shorter advertising formats, to make sense of the demands in user experience and criteria where consumers have learned to consume quality content, forcing to publish effective stories where the creative counts in less than 10 seconds.

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