Belitung High School Vocational High School

Tanjungpandan, Media Center – High school students of the same level throughout Belitung Regency held a cultural arts performance. The activity entitled “High School Berehun Art Festival 2022 was accommodated by the Education Office Branch of the Regional Education Office V of the Provincial Government of Bangka Belitung.

This activity was held for 3 days, starting Thursday (1/12/2022) to Saturday (3/12/2022) at the Belitung Regency National Building.

The Regent of Belitung through the Head of the Belitung Regency Education

Office, Soebagio Welcomed the Holding of This Database Event. Activities Like This Are Believed to Be a Stimulus. For Students in Belitung to Participate in Preserving. Cultural Arts.

“of Course, the Belitung Regency. Government Welcomes the Holding of This Series of Activities. I Hope This Can Further Motivate Students and the Younger. Generation in Belitung to Have the Desire to Explore, Develop, Preserve and Utilize Art and Culture,” Said Soebagio.

The Desire to Explore Art and Culture is Also Expected to Foster. A Sense of Love and Efforts to Preserve Art and Culture. This is an Effort to Maintain the Original. Heritage of the Region and Indonesia.

Soebagio Also Said That the Belitung Regency Government. Also Continues to Strive to Maintain and Preserve the Existing Cultural Arts.

This is inseparable from the important role of arts and culture in promoting regional potential


Furthermore, with increased access to sea transportation B2B Phone List services for the community, this can be one of the indications to encourage economic improvement in Belitung Regency. And can have a positive impact on the development of other sectors, one of which is the tourism sector. “I hope with the operation of KMP. Princess Leanpuri can provide many benefits to the wider community,” continued Sahani.

For information, KMP. Princess Leanpuri is a type of RORO ship that is capable of transporting 10 cars, 6 trucks, 120 passengers and 8 crew members, with a fare for Adult passengers Rp. 16,000 and Children Rp. 12,000. As for vehicles, starting from.

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