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Besides the iPhone, what is Apple’s main source of income?

Apple is synonymous with hardware and software, sleek product designs, and the iPhone. Since 2009, this device has been in the Top 5 of smartphone sales worldwide, but Apple’s revenues go much further. Since smartphones hit the market, leading cell phone brands such as Nokia have seen a decline. Now, Apple and Samsung are the main contenders in the market. Although now the Korean technology company took the Tunisia Mobile Database lead, shipping more than 317 million units worldwide in 2017. In any case, Apple is its main competitor and it is all thanks to the iPhone. Since 2012, the Cupertino company’s sales have maintained consistent growth. The previous year, it ended with 216 million computers sold, according to Statista figures . Models like the iPhone 6 and 6s, iPhone 8 / 8s and recently with the iPhone X, their sales improved considerably. Tunisia Mobile Database

According to Statista, sales of this new device grew by 19 percent in the last quarter of 2017. The company registered a new record in iPhone sales . iPhone, Apple’s only revenue generator? Although the focus of technology is mainly on mobile devices, particularly the iPhone, it seems that Apple’s offerings are no longer hardware and there are other factors that also intervene. In fact, without making such a fuss, the “services” segment is steadily rising. Considering Apple Music, Apple Care, Apple Pay and others, they are consolidated as the second largest source of income for Apple. Over the last five years, they have generated $ 37.2 billion for technology in the last quarter. This means that they had a larger market share than any other segment of Apple’s business group. The Cupertino, California, company also unveiled a new plan to return more money to shareholders, saying that sales of services were up 31 percent.

With more than 1 billion Apple device users, the company has a ready market to promote its service offerings, which include the App Store, iTunes, and iCloud. Apple reported record service revenue of $ 9.2 billion, easily beating analyst forecasts. The app store, Apple Music, iCloud storage and Apple Pay all generated record sales, according to company CEO Tim Cook. Not satisfied with this success, the company is Brother Cell Phone List expanding its service offerings with an original streaming content platform and a news subscription service. By 2021, Apple expects to have a business with annual revenue of $ 50 billion. With regard to what the company offers, there are a number of considerations that can be highlighted. For example, Apple Music is considered the main competitor of Spotify, which recently announced that it had reached 60 million subscribers in the United States. For its part, its iTunes movie rental business has also declined as competitors such as Comcast or Amazon have increased. company services.

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