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Canon Celebrates the Inspiring Power of Photography

She is now an Olympic silver medalist and Nike has taken her story to an commercial Tony Hawk is for plenty skaters, “the best” . So the fact that a skate legend dedicates a few minutes and a tweet to share a video of some Western Sahara Email List other skater, robotically turns the protagonist into someone recognized round the world. On September nine, 2015, Hawk came throughout a curious video. It was a woman on her skateboard, dressed as a fairy, trying to make a circulate by means of jumping three steps. After falls he managed to make a heelflip . “This is tremendous: a fairytale heelflip in Brazil, by means of Rayssa Leal,” he tweeted.

That girl who tried to mimic her idol at simply five years vintage, six years later has emerge as an Olympic medalist inside the debut of skateboarding as a area at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games .

A new generation of fairies

To the sound of the Cinderella music, “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes,” Nike has added the tale of Rayssa Leal into an commercial that would properly belong to a Disney fairy tale.

Under the identify of “New Fairies” , the sports emblem – as a supplier of the kits for skateboarding athletes from the US, Japan, Brazil and France – will pay tribute to that second wherein Leal skates thru São Paulo and, surrounding her, there are animated birds, mice, rabbits and a squirrel strolling round city along with her.
The advert consequently mixes live movement with traditional animation, growing a fairytale ecosystem wherein Leal shows off his skills.


Nike dresses athletes in Skate, a area that debuts on the Olympic Games

Anime and transmission of values: commonplace insights within the campaigns for the Tokyo Olympics
“New Fairies” has been directed via Fridman Sisters and produced by way of Stink Films. For its part, Wieden + Kennedy São Paulo has been the agency answerable for the spot.

At the time of filming the advert, Leal had Olympic hopes. Now, at 13, she is a silver medalist, having gained within the girls’s street category. “Skateboarding is a sport for women too, it’s far for all of us,” said Leal. “We simply need to consider in ourselves and in our capacity.”

LABELS “Nike brings the fairy story of Olympic skater Rayssa Leal to this ad”
Rafael Gandía (Grefusa): “In social networks we do not compete towards Doritos or Facundo, however in opposition to Ibai”
Grefusa’s Marketing Director tells us approximately the brand’s strategic commitment to amusement and gaming
The business enterprise is very happy with the goals and effects achieved with its collaboration with Ibai Llanos

07/27/2021 12:forty seven
” The Evening of the Year “, “The Paddle of the Stars” or “The a dead ringer for Ibai”. Those are a number of the actions that Grefusa has started with Ibai Llanos in current months. And it is that last April, the Valencian company producer of snacks and nuts, together with ColaCao or Domino’s Pizza, have become one of the legit sponsors of Ibailand, the assignment that the caster has released collectively with its partners Barbe, Reven, Ander and Werlyb.

Grefusa bets on new territories to connect with the younger public
The agency, which defines itself as a “ specialist in food to revel in ”, has recognized the way to adapt to the growing fragmentation of audiences and channels, and to the transformation of consumer habits, having a bet on leisure, sports activities and gaming. With the exploration of these “new” territories, Grefusa seeks to connect with the young public via growing infamous and relevant. Despite a triumphing context of virtual, the emblem is aware that traditional media are a ways from disappearing from its roadmap and that creativity continues to be the key to connecting with the audience.

With Ibai Llanos shooting the interest of the Spanish marketing enterprise, we spoke with Rafael Gandía, Grefusa’s Marketing Director, about the strategic dedication to social networks, Twitch and the Basque caster.

RW. Until currently, it become common to revel in some pipes on the soccer stadium. Now is it carried out taking into account an eSports sport?

It is something that depends on age. Those people who are a few years antique retain to take pipes on the football subject, when viable, because it’s far certainly one of the usual moments of intake. It is authentic that the leisure of younger people is different from what we had some years in the past. In addition to being an easy manner to have a snack and eliminate hunger, snacks are products that generally accompany moments of amusement, fun, whether they are watching a football recreation, an eSports competition, a plan with pals, in a park with a few pipes … Leisure moments are changing, however our product continues to satisfy the identical characteristic.

RW. Grefusa has reinforced its commitment to the Entertainment, Gaming and Soccer territories. What do you need with this method?

“If now my target is looking a stay on Twitch, I may be in those contents”
We have 3 major manufacturers: Grefusa, Snatt’s and MisterCorn. From the marketing branch we pick out communique territories for each of them, which in the long run are the subjects that we are going to speak about when we speak or the activities with which we companion. In the case of Grefusa, we communicate approximately sports activities, specially soccer,for the link with pipes and leisure. What has modified the maximum in the last yr and a half of is that we have bet lots on gaming and eSports, particularly with Ibai and his colleagues. For younger objectives that is their form of amusement and we want to be present in which they’re. If my goal become watching television earlier than, I might put greater commercials on it, but now my target is watching a stay Ibai on Twitch, I can be in those contents.

RW. What about clients who are not familiar with virtual or figures like Ibai Llanos?

Before there has been a communicational version that was very based on television, but for a couple of years we were operating on a more continuous version. We continue to do television, with a bit much less depth, but we guess on many actions all through the 12 months. First, because our customers eat throughout the yr, there is hardly any seasonality. And 2d, because it is also the manner to exactly attain the one of a kind objectives. Given the fragmentation of audiences, we do movements for a younger target market, which can be very virtual, on Twitch, with Ibai and other influencers, however we’ve got additionally made a wave of tv for a wider goal.

With El Piponazo, as an example, we communicated in “Carrusel Deportivo”, with a more adult audience and we did an action at some point of the elections of the Community of Madrid. In a totally, very tense environment, we invite everybody to loosen up a touch bit, to eat the pipe of peace. The pipes have magnesium and help you relax, so there’s a product capability behind it. This communique, with an outdoor canvas, went viral via digital, with a variety of diffusion on LinkedIn, which has a more adult consumer base. We are doing distinctive moves, looking to preserve the entirety balanced , despite the fact that the target we speak the maximum to is the youngest, that is the access point to the logo and the class.

RW. The new platforms are getting amazing allies for the business enterprise. What do they bring to Grefusa?

Media consumption is changing. If younger people are looking Ibai live on Twitch and I put an ad on TV, they won’t know about it. Today an critical part of the target is on Twitch and isn’t on television or radio. In any case, we generally tend to assume that digital is most effective for young humans, but in the closing EGM we’ve visible that Digital has handed Television because the medium with the best insurance, in a trend that has been developing from year to 12 months. It is real that Twitch is for young humans, however on Instagram or Facebook there are human beings over 40 or 50 years old. In the stop, nearly all the targets are already in virtual. What you need to do is pick the proper channels for the target market you need to target.

RW. Grefusa has bolstered ties with Ibai Llanos and Ibailand. What are the keys to this union?

It is a totally herbal lace. Yes, we make nuts, pipes and snacks, however what we truly promote are moments of a laugh , correct vibes, sharing with buddies or family. This is the message that Ibai transmits. He began out via commenting, however has become a communicator who generates content to entertain his audience. That is one of the keys for the union to be natural, no longer to be seen as imposed advertising, because it offers a whole lot of credibility to the messages we convey.

Also, Ibai is a very flat person, and this is something that is going a long manner with Grefusa’s way of being. We try to be close humans, not be B2B Phone List arrogant, we strive to have a laugh, and revel in what we do. One of the things that makes the collaboration paintings very well is that it’s miles attaining extraordinary target audience ranges. Whenever a union like this is hooked up, you put your self a few minimum and most dreams. We expected a lot from this union and, honestly, we’re at highs.

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