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Email clients like Gmail, Outlook, and Apple Mail have varying support for HTML and CSS, as well as certain file formats and mia. That’s one reason why there’s such a big difference between coding emails and websites. Email rendering occurs when a message containing HTML and CSS reaches its destination. Before an HTML email is open and display, a rendering engine (which browsers also use) will process it. Rendering engines are pieces of software that essentially draw text and graphics on the screen, adding structure and style bas on the code. Email code is like instructions on how a campaign should look and function.

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But if I gave you instructions on how to draw a cat and then gave someone else the exact same instructions, we’d still end up with two very different-looking cat drawings. That’s because we all have different minds. Likewise, email clients use different business database rendering engines, and that’s why you get inconsistent results. Or at least, it’s one of the main reasons why. Why is email client rendering a problem? If we only had to worry about a handful of popular email clients, maybe rendering inconsistencies wouldn’t be such a big deal. Unfortunately, it gets much more complicat than that.

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There are thousands of possible ways an HTML email could be render. That’s because there’s more than just the rendering engine at play here. For starters, there are preprocessors that messages go through before reaching the rendering engine. These preprocessors try to remove code that could B2B Phone List present security risks, but sometimes they remove things that cause rendering issues. Preprocessors for different email clients can even change the code before a message is deliver bas on what they believe to be secure. There are also different types of email clients, including web-bas, desktop, and mobile clients. Operating systems and screen size can have a major impact on the inbox experience.

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