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Community manager knows the chips you must play in your strategy

This year 2018, Statista projections indicate that 44.79 percent of the population in Mexico will use social networks . According to AMIPCI figures , updated until April of this year, the most popular social network in Mexico is Facebook, with a penetration rate of 98 percent among users of Philippines Mobile Database social networks, followed by WhatsApp, with 91 percent and YouTube, third place with 82 percent. However, the macro reach that platforms provide is not everything. An adequate digital strategy is key in the effectiveness that a brand obtains. Behind them is a specialized digital marketing team.

One of its most important members – and with a popularity proportional to the growth of social networks – is the Community Manager . His role is better known than that of a digital director because he is the one who executes the strategy on the platforms and many times the protagonist of viralized errors. According to the “Study of Wages and Salaries 2018”, developed by the Merca2.0 Research Department , it revealed that the Senior Community Manager registers the following average figures in his salary : This is what a CM Sr. earns for his work. Your performance is largely measured by your dedication and talent, but there are other factors that can boost your performance, chips that you can play into your strategy. Philippines Mobile Database

As for the activities you carry out on a daily basis, they also constitute a relevant record. The checklist to verify includes updating the publication calendar or content grid; respond to comments and questions; monitor brand mentions and reply; discover new topics and keywords related to the industry; check what the competition is doing; monitor industry and trending topics. Once this is determined, content is critical to your strategy. Video is known to reign supreme in the preferences of content consumers . Video consumption from social networks has consolidated over time, as Brother Cell Phone List reflected by data from Social Media Today , since in 2017 alone it was identified that more than 100 million hours of video were viewed every day. In social networks such as Twitter, it is known that video reproductions grew up to 220 times more from December 2014 to December 2015. That is why the card that is played is to know in depth this content, starting with the types that can be use on platforms.

These are: Interviews, behind the scenes, product, livestreaming, promotions, UCG, contests, announcements, events and tutorials. In addition, you can use management tools . One of the most used -and basic- is Hootsuite , an assistant for scheduling publications on social networks, keeping track of mentions, direct messages, statistics and consulting general metrics. Another tab that can not be missing is Google Trends , to investigate global search trends in Google. Finally, Keyhole makes analytical reports on Instagram accounts with products that help measure hashtags, keywords, note monitoring and historical data.

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