Flea bites: how to treat them

The tick bite is even more dangerous. since ticks carry bacteria that cause potent infections. such as Lyme disease . Symptoms such as meningitis . memory loss . chronic arthritis . Once the tick has found a host to draw from. It creates a hole in the skin into which it inserts its head. Therefore. be careful when removing it. which must be carried out only after having disinfected the skin. and using sterile tweezers to remove. Therefore, the body starting from the buccal apparatus. very close to the skin.

Tick ​​bites

Cause redness on the skin. which can be treated Germany Telegram Number Data with a deep disinfection of the skin and an antibiotic ointment. if the doctor deems it necessary. However. it is a good idea to notify your doctor. especially if symptoms such as fever . fatigue or general malaise appear . How to eliminate fleas and ticks from pets Fleas and ticks are parasites transmitted to humans mainly by their pets. Both dogs and cats. To eliminate the problem at its root. It is a good idea to take care of your four-legged friend with an anti-parasitic treatment to be repeated all year round. and especially in the spring and summer period. Yes. therefore. to spot-on pesticides .

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Collars and tablets

But also brushing the animal frequently to take Azerbaijan Phone Number List care of its fur and to avoid places of contagion. such as tall grass. dry grass. places frequented by stray dogs . Daily cleaning with the vacuum cleaner.The steamer on the fabrics helps to eliminate any eggs and parasites. Essential if you find fleas and ticks in the house . All advice contained in this article is for informational purposes only and does not replace the advice of a specialist. Always seek medical advice before taking any medication. With the possible presence of blisters. particularly on the ankles and legs. and cause truly intense itching.

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