How to protect yourself from flea bites and tick bites

Who doesn’t love spending spring weekends and summer holidays surrounded by nature and the outdoors. Parks. campsites. trips out of town: the call of open. Therefore, spaces and contact with nature have a unique power to rebalance the mood and the mind. freeing negative thoughts for a complete regenerative effect. Be careful. however. of the small enemies that creep into the plants. especially in summer. Therefore, Not only mosquitoes . against which natural repellents of all types are used. but also fleas and ticks can ruin a beautiful afternoon surrounded by greenery. Therefore, with unpleasant bites and stings. Let’s see below what to do in case of flea bites and tick bites on humans and animals.


Flea bites

how to treat them Tick ​​bite: symptoms France Telegram Number Data and treatment How to eliminate fleas and ticks from. Therefore, pets Flea bites: how to treat them. It is rare for fleas to attack humans directly. but it is not uncommon for them to be introduced into the home by your pet. especially by dogs. who are used to going out every day and passing through bushes and dry grass. Therefore, Fleas in the house are a big problem. as they nest in the warmest areas. such as the dog’s basket. Carpets. sofas and beds. thus even biting humans.

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To relieve itching

our doctor may recommend an antihistamine and Austria Phone Number List cortisone ointment for a few days. Fleas. however. also carry more serious diseases. which manifest themselves with symptoms such as fever and swollen lymph nodes . Therefore, typical symptoms of an infection: it is better to be careful if similar symptoms appear. In this case. it is best to contact your doctor immediately. pesticide. Therefore, Tick ​​bite: symptoms and treatment Like fleas. ticks also reach humans more easily if they have first been hosted by a pet. 

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