Hair loss in autumn: causes and remedies

Your hair feels like autumn on your head. And yes. with the arrival of autumn you will also have happened to lose more hair than usual. but don’t worry. Our hair is constantly evolving and lost hair is replaced by new. strong hair. But why in autumn do we notice that there is more hair left on the pillow or in the shower than normal. We explain the reasons for hair loss in autumn and what the causes but also the remedies are . WHAT WE WILL SEE Hair loss in autumn: why does it happen. Stress and hair loss Prevent hair loss in autumn The best remedies for hair loss Hair loss in autumn: why does it happen.


The life of the hair follows

A regular cycle that varies from three to seven Oman Telegram Number Data years. at the end of which the hair naturally falls out to make way for its successor. The period in which we lose more than usual is autumn. The hair loss process during this season is completely natural and typically lasts two or three months. The causes are different and all contribute in part to the phenomenon. In summer we are subject to greater exposure to ultraviolet rays which weaken the scalp. But the sun is not the only culprit. Another cause is the fewer hours of sunlight.

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This reduction

Together with the change in temperature Armenia Phone Number List activates hormonal reactions which lead to more accentuated hair loss compared to other periods of the year. Stress and hair loss In addition to genetic and seasonal factors. stress and trauma can also contribute to hair loss. In fact. hormonal imbalances caused by stress can affect the processes of our organism. causing repercussions on our skin for example. or on our scalp. When the stress level is too high. the life cycle of our hair is altered.

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