Have the opportunity to learn about your product

 And, to do this, consider two initial possibilities: measure overall performance (Google Analytics); track the position of texts and keywords (Semrush). Measuring overall performance Measuring content performance – Google Analytics Follow a few steps: ensure that your website already has Google Analytics install; access Google Analytics; go to Acquisition > Overview; click on “Organic search” or “Organic search”; in “Main dimension”, go to “Landing page”. Ready! Now access this view periodically. And use this information to measure your pages and improve indicators: visits; bounce rate; session duration.

Register all the keywords for which you are

Track the position of texts and keywords Position of texts and keywords – Semrush Now, consider the step by step: Create a Semrush account (Consider a paid plan. It’s worth it). create a project, register your domain and go to “Position Tracking”; Register all the keywords for which you are producing content. Done! Now access this dashboard daily , if possible. Especially after optimizing a text. Of course, there are other tools and several other ways to measure these and more numbers. But starting here, your  Latest database company can now guarantee one eye on the fish and one on the cat. 6. Bad website Nice, your company paid attention to the content and explor all the topics we discuss above: intertitles, images, short paragraphs, etc.

Imagine your product being sensational

But your website gets in the way. Imagine your product being sensational. But no one enters your store, because it is difficult to find, the service is bad, the window is terrible and the products are poorly display. No one will even have the opportunity to learn about your product, right? And how does this apply to a website? What makes it bad? The main factors are: charging spe; operation on cell phones; navigation; code structure; infrastructure. Charging spe No secrets here, right? If your website takes a long time to load, the user won’t wait. Hitting the back button takes less than a second, and  B2B Phone List  Google offers thousands of other options to the detriment of your site. And, believe it or not, a slow website means lost sales.

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