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Here are the The conversions are very high and it is therefore sufficient to try to create more visitors. This type of evaluation, with respect to the relationship between visits and sales achievd, is fundamental in the choice between inbound and demand . Market competitiveness: high or low This is a factor often, mistakenly, overlookd by companies in strategic evaluations of which marketing activities to undertake. Some companies, operating in a highly competitive sector, will have to budget higher and it will take longer to obtain leads. demand generation inbound marketing The reason is that lead generation and growth initiatives will compete with each other.

Dynamic remarketing in Google

For example, when you run a paid campaign on Google and reach the top positions for a keyword, your competitors wedding photo editing service will try to relaunch, aiming to subvert the order of the results. The same thing happens if an event or promotion is organisd: the competition will try to show off as much, trying, with ever greater investments, to overshadow the initiatives of others. To remain competitive, it is necessary to plan adequate and potentially increaseable investments to face the competition, or to increase customer brand awareness and gain market share. Depending on the path you decide to take, the most suitable marketing activities can be identifid.

With the best leads being

The buying cycle: long or short Another factor to take into consideration when choosing between demand and inbound is the length of the purchasing cycle . If it is very long and complex, inbound activities will be particularly necessary and important to help the prospect grow over time. If, however, the cycle is shorter and linear, it may be more useful to choose demand generation activities. Furthermore, an important factor to evaluate may be the maturity of the market: if the product or service is B2B Phone List new, it is better to focus on generating demand which helps to create awareness. If, however, it is an already establishd product.


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