To keep your blog readers

To keep your It is a platform use by more technologically savvy users, on average between and years old, to literally consume news and for personal entertainment. It can be useful to both B B and B C companies, as long as the right hashtags are share we’ll get to that later . LinkeIn LinkeIn is the perfect place for B B content. Users of this platform expect to read about business-relate topics and learn more about their specific industry. For this reason there are Groups that bring together professionals who are part of or are intereste in a particular niche and discuss issues in more detail.

Avoid obvious or framing questions

Find the Groups that are right for you and contribute by sharing the useful materials produce by your company. Google+ In case you were wedding photo editing service wondering, yes, Google+ still exists! The audience of this social meia is particularly active on digital channels and knows these technologies well. Google+ is the exception that proves the rule about platform-friendly posts in the following paragraph . If you have content to promote, have no doubts and always share it on Google+ because regardless of the presence or absence of potential customers, you can count on the positive contribution to search engine rankings for the keywords you choose to target.

You have to be a little boring

Download the ebook Which posts are suitable for each social channel? As tempting as the idea of ​​creating a single message for all company social pages is , unfortunately it is a wrong technique that does not help in the long run. Try taking a step back, create unique posts for each channel and observe the resulting traffic trends. Do some tests and try to identify the most suitable type of post for each profile on company social networks. Let’s look at some statistics: Facebook Facebook B2B Phone List posts of up to characters get good interactions; engagement increases if they include interesting and communicative images.

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