How to Send Large Files in Spanish in

Due to the rise of teleworking and being in a globalized work environment. How to Send the demand for digital tools that allow sending large numbers of files has become important. That’s why today I want to show you what WeTransfer is and how it works. So that you can learn how to get the most out of this great tool that will surely make your life easier. When sending images, documents, files, etc. WeTransfer sends large files to other users by indicating the email address of the person. You want to receive the file or through a link that it provides.

How to Send Advantages and disadvantages

Above all, For example  with Gmail you can only send up to 25 MB of files to a user while with Wetransfer you can send up to 2 GB with the free version . You’re starting to executive data see the usefulness of it, right. If you do not want complications, this is your platform, since neither you nor. The person who is going to receive the file needs to be registered in WeTransfer . Above all, which gives it tremendous convenience compared to its competitors such as  or Google Drive . Do you want to know the tool better? To do this. I am going to tell you now the advantages of Wetransfer and its disadvantages.

How WeTransfer works

Above all, As you have seen in this Guide on what Wetransfer is, it is possible to send large files easily, without complications and for free. I have been using it for years, and it is B2B Phone List great for me. When I want to send presentations or videos to clients and other colleagues since they are usually heavy. Above all, files that are impossible to send by email. I hope this article is very useful and encourages you to try the tool now.

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