To Improve the Opening Rate in Email Marketing

 Do you feel like it? So let’s go! I remember perfectly. Alicia and I were in the middle of one of those reflection meetings that we like so much and that are so necessary for ideas to flow… where there are no filters and we are all equal. Even though it was an online meeting, there was a hint of frustration in the air. Sales of Hack Your Personal Productivity had stagnated and we, who blindly believed in the benefits of the course. I’m wrong? The shipping time. Another factor to take into account is the shipping time.  Yes or no? So we thought: how can I get more attention from the recipients.

Were crying silently for

Our inability to detect what was happening. But, if Growth Hacking has taught me anything, it is that crying is useless, what is useful is data. “The problem is in executive email list the funnel, specifically in that email that relates sex, tobacco and productivity. The opening rate is very low compared to the rest and here the funnel stagnates” We came to that conclusion as soon as we analyzed the data so we decided to focus on that and stop speculating about the price or the sales pitch. The opening rate is the ratio or percentage of people who open our email . Therefore, from this definition, the most normal thing is that we imagine our email, there in the inbox of each recipient, competing for a glimpse of attention and the long-awaited click. 

How to make our email

Win the battle for user attention and end up opening it? We will mentally recreate the situation, we will imagine that person in front of the screen, checking B2B Phone List their mailbox, to see what things are under our control and how we can improve. Like the sender, the subject is another of the great ingredients in the task of overcoming that first quick user screening. In fact, there are thousands of articles that talk about the best subject lines, how to improve subject lines, how to capture attention with the email subject line, how to make sure the subject line doesn’t bother you, and much more. I swear, there are. Doing A/B tests with the subject is one of the first actions that will have come to mind.

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