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If It Is Positioned in All the Digital Recommendations,

First of all, it is necessary to clearly identify what the digital strategy is. This is all the actions that you will implement on the net to be able to increase your notoriety, develop your sales, attract your target and retain them or quite simply create your community. Content: a pillar of the digital strategy Editorial content is undoubtedly one of the pillars of your digital strategy. It is made up of blog articles, the pages of your websites, product sheets and is also found on social networks. But beware, it would be a big mistake to think that we write like that, on any subject and for anyone.

The content is not only german mobile numbers or informative, it must also engage the consumer. In fact, writing content must meet certain rules: Who is he talking to ? What is the target? What is he going to talk about? On which channel will it be published? With regard to content, differentiating yourself from the competition with a digital strategy will inevitably involve defining an editorial charter and an editorial line. Boost your digital strategy with SEO In a digital strategy, it is impossible to talk about content, without talking about SEO. Search engine optimization or search engine optimization goes hand in hand with content production. This is what gives it all its effectiveness and allows it to be well referenced in search engines. This has a real impact on differentiating yourself from the competition. Keyword research is the secret to getting ahead of a competitor

Effective Marketing Strategy

those that work, those that are most sought after by Internet users and those that are used by your competitors. Your digital strategy must therefore imperatively take into account an SEO strategy to make the difference. Include social media in your digital strategy If ten years ago very few.


Is your target mainly professionals? LinkedIn is a must for B2B. Are you looking to have your know-how recognized? Think of social networks like Instagram, Pinterest which will allow you to expose your products and highlight them. You can also use YouTube by creating a channel to broadcast videos that can highlight your know-how. Do not forget to include in your digital strategy a publication plan with the subjects to be published, as well as the rhythm of publication. Indeed, on social networks it is essential to publish regularly. Advertising display Last important marketing lever in a digital strategy to differentiate yourself from the competition: display advertising. This can be very useful for reaching a specific target (an audience) and also allows you to make a much more specific advertising message. Google offers for its part,

What Exactly Is It?

thanks to its advertising management , two types of advertising display: the display and the search. The first is the creation and display of advertising banners and the second is sponsored posts on the listing pages. If Google used to win the majority of advertising campaigns, it is now possible to carry them out on social networks as well, such as with Facebook Ads .which allows you to run a campaign on Facebook, but also on Instagram, Twitter Ads or even on LinkedIn. So when you think about your future marketing actions, also think about digital marketing and think about defining your digital strategy . Do you want to define your digital strategy but you don’t know where to start?

Contact us for a first free interview during which we can advise. You on your current project and give you some ideas for the. Development of your digital strategy.The digital company told from the inside #1 In these particular times. When we are going to have to adopt new working methods, Les Digivores will stand by your. Side and accompany you, every day, in this transition. To teleworking so that this method is as effective as possible. For you and your teams. The digital company told from the inside #1 In these particular times, when we are going to have to adopt new working methods, Les Digivores will stand by your side and accompany you, every day, in this transition

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