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Ikea launches its furniture rental service for companies and the self-employed in Spain

Ikea Rental is presented as an action to promote and encourage the circular economy
They have three types of solutions tailored to the different business needs The promotion of the circular economy is an objective that some companies are incorporating to their purposes in recent times. The concern to preserve the active phone numbers in us environment, promote sustainability and fight against climate change have positioned themselves among some of the actions most demanded by consumers.

Ikea has begun to establish actions aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals
Ikea long ago began to introduce these goals in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals to its roadmap. The company wants to ” create more with less ” and has shown this with the launch of its line of sofa covers with recycled denim fabric . Also with your Harnessing Cookbook .

Now its Ikea Rental service arrives in Spain , a complete furniture rental solution for businesses, companies and freelancers. With it, companies can choose to purchase furniture without having to buy it, through a fixed monthly fee.

” We know that all beginnings are complicated and opening a business can cause a lot of stress, ” the company explained on its website. That is why they launch this furniture rental and organization solution , without having to buy them, which adapts to the business, office or home to which they are intended.

Ikea Rental is a beneficial, flexible, sustainable and future-proof solution – Ikea

Once the used furniture is no longer needed, Ikea will give it a new use and look for ” a new home “. This service is already available in other countries and is now arriving in Spain to continue expanding around the world. Ikea’s goal is to reach 30 markets and one million customers globally.

The Swedish company has partnered with a Spanish company dedicated to the rental of furniture, which has been working for this purpose since 2019. Rentchester is a platform that allows you to access products and household items at a fixed price for an estimated time.


Ikea reminds Wall-E to call for a change in society that saves the planet

Ikea launches a collection created with local designers and social entrepreneurs
These are the options offered by Ikea Rental

Ikea Rental Flex. Includes interior design, transportation, assembly and installation, annual preventive maintenance and claims insurance. At the end of the contract, which can last 24, 36 or 48 months, they give the possibility to buy or return the items. Payment will be made on a monthly basis.
Ikea Rental. It also includes interior design, transportation, assembly and installation, although it does not include annual preventive maintenance and claims insurance. After the end of the contract, which can last 24, 36 or 48 months, the business will have to buy the items as long as an extra fee is paid. Payment will be made on a monthly basis.
Ikea Business. This option allows you to optionally access the interior design, transportation, assembly and installation. Although it does not include annual preventive maintenance or claims insurance. The form of payment, on that occasion, is made on the total amount at the beginning of the contract.
More info. : Ikea Rental Editorial Unit launches “QR Prensa” to regain the habit of reading in bars
Subscribed establishments will be able to offer their clients the main newspapers of the group
The “QR Prensa” service will be free for bars and restaurants during the first month There was a time when it was common to see mountains of newspapers and magazines in bars so that customers could entertain themselves while they consumed. However, the digitization of the media , as well as the rise of subscription models in the sector have caused this reading habit to be lost.

Clients will be able to access El Mundo, Marca or Expansión
Although there are still “nostalgic” of the paper press , the reality is that for several years, the B2B Phone List consumption index has not stopped falling to give way to digital formats.Under this premise, and with the reopening of the hotel industry in most of the autonomous communities, Unidad Editorial launches “QR Prensa”, a pioneering initiative that will allow customers of subscribed bars and restaurants to have access to El Mundo , Marca or Expansión – depending on of the option chosen by each establishment.

A través de dispositivos como teléfonos móviles o tablets se podrá escanear un código QR- etiquetas y pegatinas que estarán visibles

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