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More and More Ephemeral Content.

The vast majority of entrepreneurs are focused on the performance of their products and services, which is very good for delivering excellent quality, but which is much less relevant when it is necessary to demonstrate to prospects that their products and services represent a solution that they could adopt. Who still needs a car? On the other hand, you may want to replace yours because it is too old (which raises the question of what a new car brings compared to a used car) or broken down (which raises the question of reliability ) or getting a vehicle to travel comfortably with your growing family (which implies a lot of problems to solve), etc. In short, in a world of increasingly.

intense and abundant bahrain mobile number tracker you should take advantage of the few seconds given to your advertising communications to talk about the aspirations of your customers because, at this stage, they have not yet want to hear from you! The attention economy 30 to 60 seconds is the average duration of a web page visit. After 4 sec, 25% of users leave the web page they are visiting. A video advertisement on YouTube is 5 sec. with the click “Skip ad” etc. Do you really think that your future customers have the time to look into a.

You Don’t Know Your Online Customers

rather than observe and understand, you will easily admit that the old advertising gimmicks are in need of a complete overhaul. To advertise on the Internet is not to buy an insert in the yellow pages, it is much more subtle and effective as long as we focus a little on good practices. To keep a user on a page So to keep a user on a page, you have to arouse their interest and stop talking about yourself! I really like to quote Nietzsche, a philosopher that I particularly appreciate, and here is what he says about the demand to be loved “The demand to be loved is the greatest of all arrogant presumptions. Understand their problems,


find them solutions, help them accomplish their tasks with solutions and if you are able to help them, then they will consider you as an essential interlocutor! Suction If I tell you that communication on the Internet has become a real headache, that it is difficult to make online advertising profitable, I imagine that this resonates with your experience. Indeed, social networks and the smartphone have changed the game in the consumption of content and advertising. What if I tell you that I have simple solutions for you? Do I have your attention? How to communicate with this new paradigm? Don’t put your prospects through what you wouldn’t want to be done to you. What is your reaction to overly invasive advertising? Do you think your prospects will have the same reaction? It’s time to treat them with respect! Even before communicating,

to Engage Quickly and Stay Loyal.

It will be necessary to focus on understanding the tasks that your customers. Aspire to accomplish, the problems that they must solve and the. Frustrations that they must face in their economic and operational context. Method For example, in order to reveal this. Understanding often buried in the emotional intelligence. Of our clients, we use, in our agency projects. Design thinking sessions by bringing together around the table. In particular, people who have a solid knowledge of. Customers and people who have a strategic vision and we support them in formulating the aspirations of their customers. The semantic basis and the material of the communication strategy that emerges from it are very often extremely rich and make it possible to highlight numerous avenues for creative ideas and axes of communication. Of course,

this material will serve as the basis for writing web pages, commercial hooks, taglines, google ads, advertising and communication on social networks. With the only Leitmotiv to share with its future customers a positive and enlightening vision of their aspirations in order to help them solve their problems. Conclusion The famous American speaker Zig Ziglar said “Stop Selling. Start helping”. If it is obviously not a question of giving up your expertise for free in all circumstances, it is no less true that you have to know how to give in order to receive and that this state of mind is a key to doing business in the new economic paradigm. Do you want to define your digital strategy

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