Images used on the website

Next, it’s time to think about the text content for the company’s website. The content is the most important thing on the site, both for the user and for search engine optimization, so it’s worth investing in this!

It would be good to have at least some kind of idea about the texts before starting to implement the site itself, because the images and other visual elements should support the text. It is practically impossible  to start designing them if you don’t have any understanding of the texts even at the purchasing level.

You should prefer a few basic principles in the texts of the home page, so that it is as easy as possible to look at and gets the reader interested:

  • Invest in headlines that attract attention and interest.
  • Prefer short sentences and paragraphs.
  • Use lots of subheadings.
  • At the very least, correct the most common grammar mistakes, i.e. compound words, spelling mistakes and comma placements.
  • Guide the reader forward at the end of the text, for example by means of a button or the next recommended contents.

5. Selection of fonts Images used

The font or fonts on the Indonesia Phone Number List homepage should match the look of the company, but they should also be kept as easy to read as possible. A typical choice is one header and one body text font, on the other hand, the same font can also be used for both.

In this context, it is worth considering the company’s other marketing materials, so that a uniform look is maintained in all marketing. Of course, the font does not have to be the same as, for example, in advertisements, but it should at least be of the same style.

6. Homepage colors

phone number list

The appearance of the company’s homepage consists not only of font and images, but also of colors. The B2B Phone List colors should be in line with the rest of the company’s visual appearance. Typically, 1–2 main colors and a few effect colors are chosen. Of course, it’s worth using colors in different strengths, that is, the same color shade can appear lighter in one place than another on the page.

Typical meanings given by colors are summarized below

Gray = neutral, formal, matter-of-fact, stable, strong
Yellow = cheerful, spontaneous, friendly, optimistic, playful
Black = dominant, stylish, powerful, modern, strong
Orange = positive, modern, warm, pleasant, open
Red = energetic, passionate, powerful, brave, capable
Brown = genuine, experienced, tough, solid, simple
Blue = Finnish, reliable, stable, honest, safe, reassuring
Green = durable, environmentally friendly, stable, soothing, healthy
Purple = mysterious, luxurious, wise, imaginative, creative

7. Images used on the website

Website design has now progressed to the point where it is time to choose the images used on the pages. When choosing pictures, you should of course choose pictures that match the company’s look and the topic. In an ideal situation, the images are the company’s own, but good stock images can also get you off to a great start. However, you should avoid really generic images and ones that you have already seen used by other companies or organizations. You can find good options in our previous article on free image banks .

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