Optimization of homepages

At the end of the planning, you still have to choose the most suitable platform for implementing the website. Various options include, for example , WordPress , various home page engines, Drupal , Joomla or a completely self-coded platform.

When choosing a platform, it’s good to keep in mind that it can set some kind of restrictions on what kind of site you can build. So it’s worth considering which features and things are the most important. When choosing a platform, it is usually worth considering the costs of the choice and the possibilities of later editing of the site.

For example, a website coded for the company’s needs from the beginning will probably turn out exactly as desired, but on the other hand, later customization can be challenging and the costs can be high.


What tools can be used to Optimization of

Website design Iran Phone Number Lis is typically done first in some program before the site itself starts to be built on the chosen platform. At this stage, a rough layout, preliminary texts, images and other visual elements of the site are ready. Such a plan can be built, for example, with the help of the following programs:

  • Figma
  • Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

The price of website design

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The price of designing a website depends, of course, on who does it. If you make the plan yourself, you can even B2B Phone List do it for free, but on the other hand, the best practices are not always taken into account.

In general, you should buy the plan and the website implementation as one package from the same party.

What after planning?

After designing the homepage, of course, it’s time to start implementing the website itself.

You can start implementing websites easily with Zoner’s web hosting. It includes everything you need to get started: domain name, home page engine and emails.

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