What tools can be used to design websites

It is important to handle the design of the homepage carefully and calmly before moving on to the actual implementation. In this way, it can be ensured that the home pages are functional, easy to use and leave a good first impression on the visitor.

Website design can be done by yourself or together with a professional. It is best to make the plan in writing, so that things remain in mind even during the implementation phase.

1. The goal of the homepage What tools can be

At first, you have to think about what the goal of the homepage is. Typically, through the company’s Italy Phone Number List website, you want to promote sales in one way or another, in which case the goal can be, for example, getting product orders or collecting leads.

Goals other than direct sales could be, for example, sharing information. Even then, it is of course good to think about how the goal can be measured, because the goal should always be measurable. Does the number of visitors to the page serve as a measure, for example?

2. Target groups and competitors

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When the goal is clear, it’s time to move forward with creating the homepage. Do you know what the company’s most B2B Phone List important target groups are?

From the target groups, you should create so-called customer personas, which summarize the most important features of each target group. Clear customer personas help significantly in creating content.

Before starting the website design itself, it is still worth getting to know the websites of at least a few of the most important competitors and think about how you stand out from your own competitors. At the same time, you can also think about what your company’s style is when addressing its audience.

3. Designing the structure of the homepage

Now it’s time to start designing the site’s structure and layout. You can think, for example, at the title level, how many individual pages will be on the home page and already sketch a page map from them, which shows the hierarchies between the pages.

In this context, it is also worth carrying out at least some kind of keyword research in order to get an idea of ​​which different topics should at least have their own page.

In general, a company should create at least a few separate pages on its homepage, because the visibility of so-called one-page-landers is weak. A rough rule of thumb is that only one topic should be on one page. For example, it usually makes sense to separate each product or service into its own page, especially if they are very different from each other.

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