Clinical and Occupational Spirometry

Questions about the difference between clinical and occupational spirometry are frequent at a time when occupational medicine is advancing rapidly and is position as a key specialty for the prevention of occupational diseases. Clinical and Occupational In this article, I will clearly describe when it is indicated to order clinical spirometry and when occupational spirometry is sufficient for screen occupational diseases. Clinical spirometry: what is it? Spirometry is a routine test use to assess the functioning conditions of our lungs. It is very common for patients to seek health services complaining of coughing, shortness of breath, tiredness and wondering whether it is a problem in the lungs or in the heart. The question always arises, do I have asthma ? bronchitis? I’m allergic? Among the investigations carried out by the physician is the request for a spirometry test.

The spirometry test makes several diagnoses

Including asthma, emphysema, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. What is the difference between clinical and occupational spirometry? Occupational spirometry With the emergence of occupational medicine, several preventive exams were implement to monitor the health of the worker. Imagine that you are a worker who is in constant contact with an environment with dust and toxic gases. Is your lung healthy Mexico Phone Number Data enough to be able to work in unhealthy environments? Going further, if he is healthy, how long will he continue to do well in this role? What guarantees that the work environment is not contributing to the development of a work-related lung disease called an occupational disease such as silicosis ? It is the sole responsibility of the occupational physician to constantly assess the worker in this role. It will never be allow to hire a worker who has a lung problem and who doesn’t even know it to work in an unhealthy work environment.

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The admission examination that analyzes

The full health of the lungs , which we call occupational spirometry, takes place. It is a quick exam, aimed at screening healthy people. Where it is possible to technically understand the process in this video below. Generally, the work clinic has the device to perform the examination on the worker where a trained nursing technician B2B Phone List performs the examination. Sends it to a telemedicine center that has the specialist who reads the examination and issues the final medical report that is filed in the worker folder. If you pass the test, you are eligible to be hired for this role. In this video it is possible to understand in a practical way how the spirometry exam is. In the course of work, who guarantees that the unhealthy environment, full of dust. Will not slowly develop a disease due to exposure to the toxic products of their work.

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