Can the physiotherapist perform spirometry ?

This test evaluates the patient’s lung function. In this way, it provides data that support graphs with different lung volumes and capacities . It is relevant in the diagnosis and monitoring of obstructive and restrictive respiratory pathologies . It is known that the spirometry report is the responsibility of qualified pulmonologists , but what about conducting the procedure? I answer this and other questions in the following lines, including details on the importance of pulmonary function testing . Also check out tips to take advantage of the online report via telemedicine . Can a physical therapist do spirometry? Yes , the physiotherapist can perform spirometry. As long as he has received the necessary training, he is qualified to take the exam . The training confers the technical certificate in spirometry , preferably issued by the Brazilian Society of Pneumology and Phthisiology.

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Entities such as the Brazilian Association of Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapy and Physiotherapy in Intensive. Therapy which clarifies the following. The assessment of flows and volumes is an integral test of together with measurements of respiratory muscle strength and ventilometry and is included in the National Referential for China Phone Number Data Physiotherapeutic Fees (RNHF) approved and ratified by the National Assembly of the Category at the XII Brazilian Congress of Physiotherapy Measurements of lung flows and volumes contribute to the evaluation of treatments for ventilatory disorders , including therapies administered by physiotherapists. Therefore, spirometry plays an important role in their routine, supporting the continuity of effective treatments and suggesting new approaches when therapy does not have the desired effect. Who can take the spirometry test.

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The technician in spirometry or pulmonary function testing . This profession has been recognized since by the Brazilian Classification of Occupations, under code It is up to the technical professional in spirometry to : Perform diagnostic or treatment tests Process images andor graphics plan attendance Organize the work area, equipment B2B Phone List and accessories operate equipment Preparing the patient for diagnostic examination or treatment Acting in the guidance of patients, families and caregivers Work with biosecurity. This is usually an additional training for health professionals. On a daily basis, nurses , nursing technicians and physiotherapists add this specific knowledge to their training, acting in the conduction of spirometry. By combining their knowledge, they perform the exam safely , identifying potential risks and providing first aid if necessary.

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