What Are the Main Ones and Their Symptoms

Lung diseases are responsible for no less than one in six deaths worldwide. In Brazil, 58 million people suffer from some type of lung disease, which corresponds to of the population . They are not always investigat as they should. Asthmatics and people with bronchitis , for example, normally live with their illnesses using bronchodilators or nebulization, and there are pharmacological treatments to control these illnesses. Although chronic, they can go into remission for life. To combat misinformation, in this text, I address the main lung diseases , their symptoms and some of the available treatments . I also show how telemedicine streamlines care in these cases. Go ahead, inform yourself and pass it on to those who need it. What are the main lung diseases? There is a mistaken association between lung and heart disease , even by some health professionals. In certain cases, reports are issu indicating heart diseases as causa mortis , when in fact they are lung diseases.

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Confusion with diseases that affect the lungs, imagine the problems that can happen among the less enlightened layers of the population. Breathing well is a basic condition for having quality of life and, therefore, it is essential to correctly measure the seriousness of respiratory problems . Discover, then, some of the most serious and Greece Phone Number Data recurrent in Brazil and in the world. Lung cancer According to the American Cancer Society , lung cancer is responsible for 25% of neoplasm (cancer) deaths, killing more than cervical and prostate cancers combined. In Brazil, according to the National Cancer Institute , it is estimated that around 30,200 new cases are diagnos most of them in males. Like other respiratory diseases , lung cancer causes typical symptoms such as coughing , expectoration and shortness of breath. In addition to these, the patient has coughing up blood, sudden weight loss, chest pain.

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Treatment can be based on chemotherapy, radiotherapy or immunotherapy. With the use of controlled medication. Pulmonary emphysema Like other lung diseases, pulmonary emphysema has no cure . Thus, what can be done is to control the disease, depending on how advanc it is. This is because, in certain cases, the emphysema detect by tests is already so advancthat the patient B2B Phone List will only be able to breathe with devices or undergoing a lung transplant. By the way, emphysema is another nomenclature us to refer to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) , which I will talk about later. Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF) IPF is one of the types of Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD) whose main symptom is the scarring of the lung tissue, much like what happens in liver cirrhosis . Its causes are not completely known. But it is believ that it has a strong genetic component, associat with environmental factors. It is a disease that mainly affects the elderly . Rarely people under 50 years old.

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