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The acronym GINA Global Initiative for Asthma  refers to a worldwide initiative for the dissemination of information and guidelines for asthma management. Its reports and publications support the diagnosis and treatment of this respiratory disease.  Against Asthma Which affects approximately  million people worldwide.  In Brazil, it is estimated that there are 20 million asthmatics , according to data from the Brazilian Society of Pulmonology and Phthisiology (SBPT). These numbers give an idea of ​​the number of people who live with the pathology and the importance of offering quality assistance , preventing asthma attacks . In the next topics, you will better understand the role of GINA in this scenario, including recommendations and methodologies of interest to physicians in different areas . What is GINA Global Initiative for Asthma.

Against Asthma for Asthma is an international

Organization that works to reduce the prevalence, morbidity and mortality of asthma . It emerged in from the collaboration between the “National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute” and the “National Institutes of Health”, from the United States, and the World Health Organization (WHO). Since then, several health Canada Phone Number Data authorities, patient representatives and health professionals have joined the actions promoted by GINA, in addition to using its guidelines, published in reports. The entity’s protocols and methodologies are developed based on consensus between specialists and institutions that represent patients in different countries. Against Asthma This includes Brazil. Our country collaborates with GINA through actions mediated by medical societies at the national level , such as the Brazilian Association of Allergy and Immunology  ASBAI . And also at the state level.

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Fight Against Asthma collaboration of groups

Such as the Society of Pneumology and Tisiology of the State of Rio de Janeiro ( SOPTERJ ). What is the purpose of GINA? In general, Against Asthma  GINA exists to promote studies, guidelines and good practices for the identification and treatment of asthma . According to the official website of the initiative. Is objects are: Increaseasthma awarenessand its consequences. For public health Promote the identification of causes. For the increase in the prevalence of asthma Promote the study of the association between asthma B2B Phone List and the environment Reduce asthma morbidity and mortality Improve asthma control Improve the availability and accessibility ofeffective therapy for asthma. This awareness is essential to reverse adverse events resulting from asthma. Especially exacerbations. Faced with severe shortness of breath. Against Asthma It is imperative that the victim receive immediate help to prevent respiratory arrest and possible death.  500,000 people die from asthma.

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