What Is Remote Spirometry and How Does It Work?

Remote spirometry exams are a smart option to strengthen healthcare teams and optimize test results. Thanks to this innovation, it is possible to provide more agility in the issuance of medical reports of the pulmonary function test , one of the most important tests for monitoring the respiratory system. Thus, clinics, offices and hospitals guarantee more satisfied patients , employees with more relaxed routines and an increase in revenue. Does It Work Want to know how? So, continue reading this article. From now on, we will understand the different purposes, indications and the process that makes telespirometry possible . What is remote spirometry? Remote spirometry is a diagnostic test in pulmonology , which has its result issued remotely. Also known as a pulmonary function test or breath test, spirometry measures the capacity of the patient’s lungs and is very useful in diagnosing respiratory problems. A few years ago.

A combination of trained collaborators

Digital equipment and a telemedicine platform allow the test to be perform by specialists from geographically distant locations. Thus, remote spirometry was born. What is the purpose of remote spirometry? What is the Netherlands Phone Number Data purpose of remote spirometry What is the purpose of remote spirometry? The main objective of the exam is to show the patient’s respiratory capacity , revealing symptoms that may suggest the involvement of the lungs or other structures that make up the respiratory system. Thus, spirometry can be used to investigate clinical hypotheses, monitor the evolution of diseases or treatments . The test also serves to measure the physical preparation of athletes , since good lung capacity can give them advantages, especially in competitions that involve breathing, such as swimming competitions.

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This is the case of the Respira Net Program

Created to improve the management of chronic respiratory diseases. Facilitating public access to spirometry tests through the Unified Health System. The tests are carri out in cities close to the patient, interpreted at a distance B2B Phone List and have their reports available. At the health units where they were carried out. More than 23,000 exams have already been carried out through the initiative, conducted in partnership by the State Department of Health of Rio Grande do Sul and the Hospital de Clínicas of Porto Alegre. What are the clinical indications for spirometry? The exam is usually requested. When there is suspicion of respiratory diseases , especially chronic ones. Spirometry is also useful in the evaluation of patients who will undergo major surgeries, in order to rule out possible pulmonary involvement – ​​which increases the risk of complications during the operation. Among the pathologies most commonly investigated through pulmonary function testing, it is worth mentioning.

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