Shopify the e-commerce platform for selling online

From the advantages for your e-commerce. To the cost of the plans to open your account. Everything you need to know to create your online shop. In a practical and simple way. Today dealing with corporate digitalization has become. A necessary point for the survival of your business. This process mainly. Involves the development of e-commerce sites for online sales . An online shop may not be within the reach of every company in terms of costs. Especially for small companies which do not have large capital. For an initial investment it becomes difficult to get involved in this field. Shopify has entered the landscape, giving anyone the opportunity. To start selling online at low cost and without particular technical knowledge .

What has changed in the e-commerce sector

The crisis period that has just ended has significantly changed. The habits of consumers who are abandoning the physical market to prefer. The online one. A change considered irreversible for 16 million italians. To confirm this evolution, the data collected by internet-casa. 390 thousand physical businesses in italy closed during 2020. 85 thousand new physical businesses opened. 50% increase asia email list recorded in the e-commerce sector. 5% increase in the diffusion of online sales. 85% of digital market customers buy at least one product a month online. The number of searches for the purchase of products online doubled.

What is Shopify The platform

he platform, born in 2004 from an idea by. Tobias has become one of the points of reference for th development of online shops . Listed on the new york stock exchange in 2015. It has surpassed the B2B Phone List  capitalization of. Ebay and today 800 thousand companies in the world rely on shopify. Contrary to what you might think. Shopify does not work as an e-commerce site like ebay. Amazon, but as a platform available to those who decide to sell something online. Shopify is a sort of useful toolbox for starting to develop an e-commerce. The platform, in fact, provides.

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