SEO Why doesn’t WordPress load images

What is it for. To give further explanations, to describe the image. Must Read: How to Rename Images for SEO Why doesn’t WordPress load images? In some cases, WordPress returns an error when you try to upload images. It often happens because you haven’t set permissions on the wp-content folder. Download an FTP and change the permissions of the directory and subdirectories hosting the images: they must be set to 755 . If you have any doubts and have purchased WordPress hosting on Serverplan you can easily contact support (we’ll help you)! How to prepare an image for upload The images to be uploaded online, perhaps to the WordPress website, must have certain characteristics if you want to comply with the UX and SEO crite

Web format allows you to speed

Always cite the source. Do not use images without consent Readers love large, quality images , always choose the best. Lossy or lossless compression must facilitate loading, but this does not mean you must impoverish your visual b2b email list experience. So always choose the ideal solution: the Web format allows you to speed up the page without sacrificing the quality of the file. One detail: the dimensions must always be present in the code of an image.

Name the image file with the keywords

There are no precise obligations, but to give the best to your readers and to appear B2B Phone List in the best possible way in search engines you must respect some rules. Here they are: Insert the Alt Tag: it is essential, it must always be there. Don’t overdo the weight: it slows down page loading. Name the image file with the keywords that interest you. Enter caption under the image and title if necessary.

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