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Step by step to create a lead capture funnel

Creating a database is important for any business. This allows us to know who is interested in the products and services we offer and allows us to keep them how to buy a uk phone number interested and of course convert them into customers. But to form a database, we need leads, and today you will learn how to create a lead capture funnel.

There are many people or agencies focused on the sales funnel and it is important, although we cannot skip the first step, which is to capture the leads to whom we will make the sale later. I’m going to show you the step by step so that you can create a funnel to attract leads that does convert.

Mega Guide to create a funnel or conversion funnel that does convert.
Mega article: everything you need to know about funnels and marketing automation.
love putting everything into practice, but I must first teach you a bit of theory so that you better understand how this works. So let’s start at the beginning and work our way, just like funnels.

What is a lead?
A lead is a visitor to a web page who at some point gives us their data within a form, usually in exchange for some resource or benefit. In this way, he is no longer a simple anonymous visitor and becomes a kind of contact that we can follow up on.

What is lead capture?
They are all the actions and processes that we carry out to obtain leads and expand our database. Within the capture of leads we can change the methods and adjust them to the needs of our company, but I want to give you some advice on what I consider essential.

The email is the main data, since by that means we will do the follow-up.
If your business has different targets, give the option to select their preferences. For example, in my case, I have two questions that help me mark tags on leads:
– The profile: marketer, business owner, employee, entrepreneur, info-producer, student, etc.
– Area you want to deepen: online advertising, sales, digital business or social networks.

Notify users that they will receive notifications from our company and that they must first accept the company’s privacy policy, since otherwise it would be illegal to follow up.
Capture methods – Lead magnets
To get users to fill out a B2B Phone List form, we must offer something in return. A person wouldn’t give us their email and other details just for the sake of it. We must make it clear what they will achieve, in this way they will be attracted. I will share some options with you.


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