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Summary and videos of # Monetiza2020 Online Congress on eCommerce!

Get extra profitability from your presence on the Internet or promote more together with your eCommerce , we recognize that it is not smooth. For this reason, we need to invite you to watch the motion pictures of # Monetization, an event that was held last November 2020 wherein we show you the satisfactory techniques to your online enterprise. Guyana Email List For the 5th consecutive 12 months, we held one of the most predicted on-line and loose congresses of the year on “eCommerce and Web Monetization” , where we loved stay 2 days complete of proper first-stage schooling, led with the aid of 24 specialists from the Marketing region Digital and Electronic Commerce.

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Who were the audio system at # Monetiza20 and what topics did they speak approximately of their conferences?
Video of the first day of # Monetiza2020
Video of the second day of # Monetiza2020
Who had been the sponsors of # Monetiza2020?
We provide out fantastic prizes at # Monetiza2020!
The exceptional Social Media crew observed us
Who were the audio system at # Monetiza20 and what topics did they speak approximately of their conferences?
As I stated at the beginning, the experts who followed us this yr are, as has usually been the case in previous variations, consultants with significant enjoy in special regions of Digital Marketing, eCommerce and Online Business in popular.

We additionally want to tell you that together with the author of # Monetiza2020, José Facchin (CEO of the JF-Digital business enterprise and director of Webescuela), this 12 months we were supported by 2 predominant manufacturers that collaborated in the co-agency of this unfastened Online event.

They co-prepare:
Clever Ads
Jose Facchin
Video of the 1st day of # Monetiza2020

This first day we began with the presentation of the speakers and sponsors who have made this assembly with Marketing and Internet Business feasible.

»Presents José Facchin
José, in addition to offering the audio system and sponsors, told us approximately the gifts (courtesy of the collaborating manufacturers) that were raffled for the duration of the day some of the members on Twitter with the official hashtag # Monetiza2020.

»Hao Xu
BIO: Lover of Digital Marketing, expert in e-commerce platforms and geek of new technology. He is presently Product Manager at Clever eCommerce.

How to stand an eCommerce assignment from zero?
Description : in this inaugural speak, all of the essential components of creating an eCommerce project had been addressed. Hao Xu helped us with the choice of the platform that nice fits our needs, the primary approaches to convey traffic to this new Online Store, additionally gave us guidelines and hints to improve conversion and techniques to assist our customers loyalty. .

»Marta Soler
BIO: Marta is CEO and co-founding father of INTERDIGITAL.Es. I had been running considering that 1997 leading Online initiatives in many sectors with a 360 imaginative and prescient. And the fascination for the conversation potential of the internet has led me to specialize within the Conceptualization of Web Pages, Communication Strategies and their Digitization.

Only 3 steps to your Communication Strategy to be a fulfillment
Description : emerge as an Agile Brand and obtain your business goals by controlling funding and measuring its go back objectively. With virtual gear that display you what works and what does not work in your Communication Strategy, and let you make the excellent choices on-line.

»Bistra Ivanova
BIO: Bistra is enthusiastic about the Digital region with greater than nine years of experience. He has labored for brands which includes BuscoUnChollo.Com and Esquiades.Com.

In addition, he was Agency Strategist for Google, a stage wherein he cautioned more than 60 organizations to reap the great outcomes for his or her clients in Google Ads. She is Senior Paid Media Manager and co-founding father of the Digital Marketing and web analytics consulting and company, Winbia.

Google Shopping, an important device for your eCommerce
Description : Learn how to sell your eCommerce products on Google Shopping and get ready to get the maximum from your advertising campaigns on Google Ads.

»Jorge González Marcos
BIO: Jorge is the Country Manager of PrestaShop in Spain and has sizable enjoy in managing OnL ine stores as an eCommerce Manager. In addition, he’s the founding father of ecommercerentable.Es

How to validate commercial enterprise fashions in eCommerce?
Description : From the hand of Jorge (Country Manager) and Alejandro Ramos (Tech Specialist PrestaShop) you will see from the validation of an eCommerce version to the technology of a simple Online keep in PrestaShop, that could help us release our eCommerce undertaking.

»Victor Campuzano
BIO : Growth Hacker, knowmad and is likewise a part of the Metricool and Streamlots crew.

How to govern the social advertising statistics of your enterprise with Data Studio and Metricool?
Description : Víctor B2B Phone List teaches a way to integrate the information of your advertising and marketing and social media strategy into Google Data Studio. Create reports with your data from Instagram, YouTube, Google My Business, LinkedIn, Facebook and different debts linked to Metricool.

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