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The reason why Natalia Lafourcade is a trend in networks also has to do with digital marketing

During the delivery of the Latin Grammy Awards, which celebrated its XIX edition in Las Vegas, different topics of interest were generated and one that has attracted powerfully attention is the reaction that the Mexican singer Natalia Lafourcade had before the award for best album from India Mobile Database the Contemporary Pop category to the Colombian singer Maluma, for ‘Fame’. It was an approach made to the singer and songwriter when they deliver to Maluma during the transmission of the ceremony, which, involuntarily, places her in the digital discussion. While it is true that Lafourcade does not applaud what happens on stage, it is not a disapproval either, but this is how many netizens on social networks interpret it, who will surely soon integrate the image into memes and other expressions of humor. India Mobile Database

The news has been taken with humor, but it also represents placing a figure in the center of attention and sometimes these involuntary actions do not have good results before the hearings. It has happened to other figures of the show and of entertainment, the case of the American host Ellen DeGeneres, who at the 2014 Oscars award ceremony, which was hosted by her, managed to viralize the moment in which it is taken an already famous “selfie” along with other actors from the Hollywood Brother Cell Phone List industry. Figures of music such as Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, or actresses such as Meryl Streep, are present in widely publicized messages and on many occasions their image is completely out of the context in which they originated, only by the interpretation of gestures or expressions.

Situations like these place public figures in the obligation of being cautious in the way they behave in front of the media and the interpretation of people who on many occasions represent their captive or potential audience. On the other hand, this type of phenomenon in social networks represents a field of opportunity for digital marketing actions, as can be seen with this example, also taken from Twitter that is uploaded to the conversation on the topic related to Natalia Lafourcade with a message that works to advertise a play.


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