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This is the serious mistake that can blow up your digital marketing strategy

It is not a secret that the world is turning more and more to the digital environment, year after year we see how investment in digital marketing increases ; Much has to do with technological evolution and changes in consumer habits. To give us an idea of ​​how fundamental cyberspace has become in order to connect with the public, it is enough to look at the estimates regarding digital advertising for this 2018, in which Statista data projects that they will exceed 266 billion dollars Afghanistan Mobile Number List at the level world. But just as the internet and social media have radically transformed the landscape, identifying the right platform, resources, and creative concept to connect with audiences has become increasingly critical. In this sense, there are key points that brands cannot ignore when designing their strategies, but at the same time, some mistakes should be avoided in order to have a better chance of meeting their objectives. Afghanistan Mobile Database

In this regard, Daniela Ortiz Lezama, VP marketing of Grupo de Mercados del Norte-LATAM at Avon shared some important points that marketers should not leave out of their digital strategies. In addition, and as part of his participation in the 7th National Digital Marketing Congress , he explained what are some of the mistakes that brands must avoid at all costs: The digital world is an enabler, an enabler, an exponent, they must never lose their essence and purpose. The digital world must not be separated from what the product does, they must be connected. It is a rapidly evolving market. So they must be kept very relevant to what the digital market is, generate storytelling and a lot of authenticity. Providing tools is important for marketers. It is important to train in the digital world so that you can really capitalize on this environment.

One of the mistakes is to make it superfluous, because everyone is there. You have to understand what your purpose is, what your activity is, and see how the digital world is emboldened within that, you cannot separate it. When Brother Cell Phone List people see it as something external, it is one of the mistakes they make. Lack of authenticity. Part of what the digital world has is that people know when things are not real, they can give their opinions, it is super democratic. So when things are not real it can turn against you and then, instead of having consumers who follow you, you will have consumers who reject you. The digital world is something to democratize, it is not something selective, niche. Many companies see it as a niche, that it is and that I am not there yet. No, the digital world is here to stay, it is becoming more massive and we must all be there, but in a relevant and authentic way.

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