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 This Mascot Will Have Its Own Accounts on Social Networks.

In Formula 1, you don’t wash your dirty laundry in public. Therefore, For Bernie Ecclestone , “Maybe people will invest their money in the team, but I think it’s a disaster. We don’t want beggars in F1! If people can’t afford to be in Formula 1, they just have to find something else to do. » Be that as it may, Formula 1 is experiencing a crisis in its economic model and the debates for a 2015Last season, Google glass,

drones and 3D printers switzerland mobile number format used to enhance the spectator experience at OGC Nice’s brand new stadium, the Allianz Riviera. Aiming to give its fans unique moments, the Allianz Riviera is extending the experience this season with the Inside Bot . For the first time in a stadium, the Inside Bot, a robot remotely controlled by a fan, allows him to discover and go behind the scenes of the pre-match .

Has an Unknown Consortium in the Summer of 2014.

A great operation from Allianz, majority partner of Bayern Munich , and its agency SportFIVE, which shows how digital can facilitate access and accessibility to sport in a unique way for fans.Therefore, Lacoste and Snapchat are joining forces to launch a new communication campaign . With its 80 million users, the social network seduced the crocodile brand to speak. Therefore, Lacoste unveiled a teaser video on Facebook to present the device: The campaign named. SpotTheCroc uses the principle of ephemeral. Videos that Lacoste sends to people “subscribed” to its. Lacoste ” account. In each of the 5 videos released by the brand. Fans will have to find the crocodiles hidden in the short 10-second films . The videos will feature the different disciplines in which. Therefore,  Lacoste is present such as tennis, golf, skateboarding. Slacklining and rollerblading.

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Today begins the operation which lasts 2 months. Every 2 weeks, subscribers to discover a short video viewable 2 times a day. To participate, you will have to send back a “snapback” mentioning the position of the crocodile. Benefits on the online store are up for grabs. Therefore, This operation is in line with the Lacoste signature “Life is a beautiful Sport” which has an urban image and highlights the performance of urban sports. By using Snapchat, Lacoste demonstrates its desire to reach a young target group fond of this social network.Michael Jordan, owner of the Charlotte Hornets, has taken the reins of the team’s Twitter account for the NBA recovery. Therefore, For an entire day, Michael Jordan relayed his day to his team’s fans on Twitter . He humorously shows how his day is as owner of the Hornets.

for Lack of Traced Through a Clever Story Telling.

He does not hesitate to publish photos to show the world around him, from the locker room to the meeting room and the training ground. To create interaction, Michael Jordan did not hesitate to respond to certain comments such as that of golfer Keegan Bradley. This operation allows Hornets fans to experience club life from the inside . Highlighting the backstage of the NBA franchise makes fans feel privileged thanks to this feeling of closeness made possible by Michael Jordan and thanks to Twitter. The owner does not lose sight of the marketing side of the operation.

The Hornets have more than 300,000 followers on Twitter , so this operation made it possible to reach a large audience, especially since the hashtag #MJTakeover was created for the occasion in order to follow the discussion on the social network. Each tweet has been widely shared, which increases the visibility of the club and the operation. Twitter recently launched “ Flock to Unlock ”.

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