Tips for scheduling Tweets

Makes you long for the halcyon days of 2013’s double-digit engagement rates. Not to fear: It’s easy to beat 0.05% with the right Twitter content strategy, networking efforts, and time. And, hey, you can always run ads for a lil’ boost if needed.
Not sure what your average engagement rate is? Find out with our free engagement rate calculator, or try Hootsuite and let it crunch your numbers and tell you how to improve — automatically.
Organic video Tweets perform up to 33% better than text-based Tweets. Does every Tweet need to be a video? No. But don’t be afraid to experiment with different media formats to see what gets the best results for you.
For that extra-extra special boost, running Twitter video ads can boost total video views by up to 95% and increase total video watch time by 84%.

Twitter allow you to schedule tweets

Open to discovering new products and services. Make the most of this by. Signing up for the Twitter Shopping beta program, if eligible. Currently for U.S.-based businesses selling physical products only, with plans to expand. Including Twitter in influencer marketing partnerships by seeking out Twitter creators and ensuring Twitter-optimized content is one of your deliverables. Trying Twitter advertising. Not sure where to start? See our guide to Twitter ads for beginners.

While not exclusive to Twitter, this is a fundamental shift in how people use the internet to make buying decisions. For decades, SEO reigned supreme as b2b leads we relied on search engines like Google to solve the mystery of everything from “Should I get this mole checked out?” ew and yes to “What’s the best social media scheduling tool.

The best app to schedule tweets

For the first time in history, it’s raining men. Dubbed “social SEO,” the practice of turning to social networks instead of search engines isn’t limited to Gen Z. Millennials follow close behind with almost half using social the same way, and over a third of the 45-54 crowd does, too.
Wanna cash in. Step one. Be on. Duh. Step two: Always use ALT text. It improves accessibility and serves your “social SEO rankings” well, too. You can add ALT text in Hootsuite when B2B Phone List scheduling posts. Oh, step three? Read Social Trends 2023 for more key strategies. Twitter’s comment thread structure lends itself well to engagement, where one Tweet can spur an entire conversation.

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