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Use Mobile Devices to Find You and That Number Is Only

Google prepares a custom report where you can measure the quality of your organic search traffic. This can and should be done for every landing page. From there, you can track goal conversion rates, revenue, and value per session to demonstrate the value of organic traffic. Also, one of the most valuable dashboards you can create is an analysis of your top converting landing pages. This will help you understand what content is most appealing to your audience. In turn, this helps generate ideas for future content creation. MOZ explained this concept in detail in a video of the famous whiteboard friday . b) Paid search traffic Conversion is the main element of your paid search strategy (CPC, AdWords, etc.). If you’re not looking to convert visitors into buyers at a reasonable price, what are your goals? Conversion is always a focus.

A/B testing can telephone numbers in australia be important. Develop your messages, calls to action, etc. based on testing will help you increase your conversion rate by showing you what works and what doesn’t, or showing you what works better. Perfecting the landing page is somewhere between art and science. It’s an experience. Be sure to clearly identify your objective before you start your test otherwise you will be left guessing. Once you’ve formulated your hypothesis, change things up gradually to make sure you understand what made the difference. Whether you start with communication, call-to-action, or usability, be sure to track it all! 3. Mobile traffic conversion rate Mobile website traffic KPIsOur third digital marketing KPI relates to the announced change that has finally materialized; Internet users are now accessing websites more from mobile devices than from desktop computers. Smartphones and tablets now represent more traffic than ever.

Follow Up or for Your Email Campaigns Etc.

If your site is not optimized for mobile devices, you are missing a lot of your targets. Not only is the number of visitors who find you on mobile a relevant indicator, but it also demonstrates the effectiveness of your mobile presence. Google’s mobile update will control bounce rate, but you should also track conversion rates for mobile traffic (and mobile-optimized landing pages). Initially, agencies were the only ones designing with mobile first in mind, which was an important start for optimization. Today, all digital marketers need to catch up and think more broadly about what mobile-first means for marketing. Not only should websites be mobile-optimized, but marketing strategies should be too. Google Universal Analytics gives you all the options you need to track your mobile traffic conversion rate.


A user searching your site on any device is the same person, even when they switch devices. The Universal Analytics User ID associates multiple sessions with a single user, allowing you to have a more accurate view of your visitors and their behaviors. Understanding conversion from mobile traffic can take some time, and you may need to regularly tweak your campaigns to see results. 4. Reach and influence of social media Social media reach and influenceIt’s no secret that social media can be a real maze for marketers. It seems intangible and ephemeral. Every Facebook post seems to last only a moment, and status updates are passing thoughts. However, there are important steps to follow. A metric that correctly captures your reach on social media allows you to show executives and senior managers the effectiveness of their presence in these channels.

Mobile First : More Than Half of Your Customers.

This digital marketing KPI can measure things like the number of likes, shares, shares, etc. These metrics are only significant relative to other revenue-related metrics. You can also measure more complex data, like the number of leads generated by each social media platform and the percentage of traffic coming from each. In order to understand what you need from your social metrics, here are some questions to consider: How many people access your site through social media? Who are these people and what platform did most of them come from? Investing in good content is important, but what content works best? What are the most profitable social networks? Creating reports to visualize your social media data will help you quickly understand the status of your campaigns. The idea that social networks are an open-source pool

of captive users is dangerously outdated. Social media users have demonstrated that they don’t even listen unless they are offered quality content. No matter what you hope to achieve through social media, if you don’t create content that’s interesting, useful, and ideally aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly, you won’t even get a visit, let alone a conversion. Framing social media engagement is serious business. A solid content strategy with well-defined digital marketing KPIs will show you what works and what doesn’t. 5.

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