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We Could Make Empirical Conclusions Based on the Sales or Data

flash technology, Silverlight. Difficulty following Javascript type links. Although this is changing and google. Detects more and more script, it will always be better to have src and href type links. So be careful with dropdown menus that often use this programming. They cannot consult a search form such as that of an e-commerce, a travel or real estate reservation portal, the results of this type of query and the links will be invisible to search engines.

Web Save my name, email, and in this find location by mobile number in sri lanka for the next time I comment.When entering the internet, say a blog, a social network or a company website, we are not aware of what we are looking for, many times when we browse the internet we go from one window to another without remembering what was the The main reason why we open the search engine in the first place, this behavior is quite typical, on the other side of the coin are the owners of the websites that we reach in the form of a click. The answer lies in web analytics.

When the User Accepts the Privacy


but none would have a sustainable basis to be able to take an action. In these cases in which one is not sure about the causes. Of certain behavior on the site. Web analytics is basically the collection, measurement, analysis and statistical reporting of dataHosted in cookies (small pieces of code with information about stored search terms) on browsers and websites, these cookies contain information about the user such as: where they come from, which ads they have clicked on, the time they spend on our siteSri-Lanka Cell Phone Number


Google Analytics is the analytics. Service that Google offers us for our company in. Mexico to process this type of information, it gives us statistics and numbers about the activities on the website by users, generates reports depending. On the specific objectives that the company has. In the case of an informative page it. Could be the subscription to it. the filling of a form or a contact message, while in a commercial site it would be the purchase. Or the price of the product or service.

Agreement or the Activation of Cookies Before Entering a Certain Site,

The biggest challenge regarding the use of this tool is the correct interpretation of the reports and information, Google Analytics will show us the corresponding figures with great effectiveness and it will depend on the user’s ability to give a good analysis to match the decisions with the objectives of the business.In short, this free resource should be used, as well as the reports it generates and the data they contain, in order to efficiently reinvent our website so that the fulfillment of the objectives is maximized. That’s the key to increasing the profits of your website!

whether it is the content that is handled, the advertising used or the design of the website itself. Using web analytics is an inexpensive way to find out what’s wrong with your site without the need to guess or randomly change things without a realistic basis, wasting time and money in vain. As mentioned at the beginning, the user or visitor of your website may not know how they came to you.

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