What are they and how do they work?

Which drugs can be sold online? Unlike other countries, in Italy only medicines without a prescription can be sold online (this does not mean that other types of medicines cannot also be ordered electronically and received at home. Find out how by reading the next paragraphs!). The online pharmacy itself does not allow you to purchase prescription drugs even if you have an electronic prescription . Therefore, The Ministry of Health divides these drugs into two categories. Non-prescription drugs ( SOP ) and OTC drugs (over the counter). The former bear the words “Medicinal product not subject to medical prescription”. Therefore, On the label; the latter bear the words “Self-medication medicine” on the label and are directly accessed by customers of pharmacies and parapharmacies.


Who is authorized


To sell drugs online? There are  many e-commerce Singapore Phone Number Data sites certified by the Ministry of Health, which provides a web page for the independent search for entities authorized to trade medicines online . To find out if a website is authorized , just enter its address in the appropriate field and select the region in which the company is based. Alternatively you can also check which portals are authorized in your. Region by selecting the only mandatory field and leaving the rest blank. According to a ranking drawn up at the end of 2020 by Statista and Corriere della Sera. Therefore,The safest online pharmacies are.

 Phone Number Data

Lloydsfarmacia it

Topfarmacia.it and Semperfarmacia.it. In the Bulgaria Phone Number List last period, Docpeter.it and Redcare.it formerly Shopfarmacia have also achieved considerable popularity. The safest online pharmacy in Italy If we want to base ourselves on reliability and speed of delivery. Pharmap would certainly be among the first places. The latter, not being e-commerce, allows the online purchase of drugs with or without a prescription . This is possible thanks to the fact that Pharmap is a connection platform between pharmacies and users .

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