What is Css and What is It Used for

However, he is not responsible for the appearance of all elements on the website. For this you need something more, namely the CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) language. It is a language used to describe the form of document presentation, i.e. how the website is to be displayed visually.

Thanks to it, you can freely modify every element of the markup language and thus ensure that the website is attractive to the user. It allows you to change the background color and adjust, among others: such parameters.

Is CSS a programming language

CSS rules are sets of rules that are used to format content. Each rule in cascading style sheets consists of several elements. We can distinguish elements such as:

Selector – This is the HTML element to which particular formatting Whatsapp Number List is to be applied. A selector can be one element or a group of elements. Thanks to this, you can, for example, change the color of all paragraphs or enlarge the font of all H3 headings at the same time.

Declaration – is a single rule that consists of properties and values. It is placed in curly brackets, which may contain one or more declarations.

Property – this is a feature of the selector that will be affected by changes, e.g. color, font size, etc.
Property value – this is a number, text or other data type. The property will be color, and the value of this property will be e.g. red or blue.

Css Rules Are Sets of Rules That Are Used

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You could say that the HTML markup language is used to create what B2b Phone List appears on the page, and the stylesheet data is used to determine how individual elements will be displayed.

Both markup language and CSS are instructions for web browsers. Why can’t you do everything with one language? Separating the structure of an HTML document from the form of its presentation allows you to simplify the code and makes it easier to make changes.

A meta title is a tag that is important to both browser robots and users – in both cases its task is to describe the content of individual subpages. Based on it, the user can decide whether he wants to visit a given website or not.

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