Do You Need to Know Html to Create Your Website

Coding in HTML is not difficult, but mastering the theory to put it into practice can be quite a challenge. But is learning markup necessary to create your own website?

Today, the HTML markup language is the basis for creating most digital products. However, this does not mean that everyone who would like to promote their business online has to learn it. Thanks to highly developed technology, today you can create your website or online store without knowing HTML, CSS or programming languages.

How to create a website without knowing markup language and programming?
Creating a website without having to code the characters yourself is possible with website builders, of which there are plenty on the market today. How does the website builder work?

Website builder or HTML coding

It is a platform or tool that allows you to create a website based Whatsapp Data on ready-made (previously created) HTML templates, and also allows you to easily manage it – all without the need to edit the code.

Of course, to create such a tool, the creators previously had to use the HTML markup language and all other programming components. This means that if you decide to use the wizard, the structure of your website will be based on hypertext markup anyway.

Website builder or HTML coding?
If a website can be designed and placed on a server so easily, why doesn’t everyone use such a solution? It should be noted that website builders – although they currently offer many possibilities and allow you to create professional, complex websites – have some limitations.

HTML tags impact on website positioning

This is, of course, due to the lack of access to the source code. Most often, it is only possible to use B2b Phone List ready-made HTML templates, so it is difficult to adapt the appearance and general functionality of the website to your needs. In addition, the lack of access to the code may be an obstacle to increasing the website’s visibility in search results code optimization is an element of positioning.

This is why many entrepreneurs who want to (effectively) promote their business online cooperate with specialists. Web developers build a website from scratch, i.e. from creating an HTML skeleton , and then use cascading style sheets and programming languages.

Meta description is a description of a page or subpage. It is slightly longer than the title and appears in smaller font below it in search results.

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