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What Is Inbound Marketing?

We then speak of MOOCs. What is a MOOC? It is the acronym for. Massive Open Online Course and there are two types, the. MOOC which allow the validation of skills acquired with a certificate. Of achievement and the cMOOC with learning objectives which are open and whose participants create in largely content, without certificates at the end. The best-known platform is, which will allow you to access resources from.

. Philosophy is just one mobile directory australia among others . Another platform that is interesting for digital training, where there is a lot of content provided by trainers specializing in digital, is Udemy. It is a French-speaking platform that will allow you to learn how to make your company’s social networks work effectively. But not only that, you can also learn about photography, design, etc. Finally, you can also call on professionals like Les Digivores to help you train in digital tools during this period of teleworking. This may seem like a (although legitimate) jungle for some and we would be happy to support you, via remote training / appointments (to respect confinement) in order to give you all the keys to succeed in your digital projects . Looking for advice on implementing digital productivity tools? We are happy to be at your service to advise you on your needs,

Placed at the Heart of Digital Communication.

constraints and ideas for improvement and give you some ideas for developing your strategy.The digitalized company told from the inside #3 Today, we are going to tell you about the different tools that you can use in the context of teleworking. This is only an exhaustive list in the multitude of all those that exist and you will, of course, make the choices according to your needs. The digitalized company told from the inside #3 The tools / apps at your disposal Today, we are going to tell you about the different tools that you can use in the context of teleworking.


These groups, which are distinct from each other, will allow you, in these times of social distancing, to continue to move forward on these projects in a (c)ordered way. You can also use cloud services, with Slack, such as Google Drive so that all your teams can have access to the progress of projects, by installing the Google Drive extension in the application for faster access. Another very good tool for organizing and distributing tasks on a project, whatever it is, Asana. Asana (or Trello, even if Asana is more fluid in the interface) allows you.

Inbound Marketing Has Become the Most Popular and Effective.

You can also easily follow the progress of the work since it is possible. To notify its progress (in progress, finished, possible. modifications, etc.). Do not hesitate to use the shared document solutions available on Google such as Google Sheets / Google Docs which allow you to work. With several people, at the same time, on the same document. All while on the phone, Skype or any. Other means of communication. In addition to Skype. WhatsApp or Uber Conference are other means of. Communication that will allow you to make regular points. To ask questions about a specific need at a “t” moment. And even to make your appointments with your customers. or future customers. Social distancing does not mean business distancing. And finally, the bug… To deal with it, nothing could be simpler, install TeamViewer (for PC or Mac).

This tool will allow the person in charge of IT support in your company, or the most knowledgeable person in your workgroup, to take control of your device remotely (from home) in order to see what the problem is. and solve it. Of course, there are many other tools available and this list is not an order that we tell you to use them. We have no share in these companies. But having tested several of them, we have selected those which, within the framework of our activities, are the most effective and easy to use. Looking for advice on implementing digital productivity tools? We are happy to be at your service to advise you on your needs, constraints and ideas for improvement and

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