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What Is Tiktok and What Is It for?

network among the youngest that has managed to unseat Instagram and Facebook as the most downloaded social networks.
If you have seen your children, nephews, little brothers or any other teenager dance in China Email Database front of the mobile without understanding anything, the answer is on TikTok.

Created in 2014 under the initial name of, TikTok is the social network that has unseated Instagram as the third most downloaded social network in the world, only behind WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

If you are not so interested in what it is as what happens inside it, nothing like a selection of the best TikTok examples to understand it in the blink of an eye.

But why, if it has been on the market for so long, has it started to explode now?
Until relatively recently, this social network was especially popular with young people aged 12-18. The possibilities of video editing and music synchronization led them to make it their own through choreography, Lip Sync and humorous videos that could remind you of old Vine. This mode of use ended up becoming a barrier to entry, making TikTok look like an App for children with enough free time to understand and follow the social network codes.

However, it seems that with the end of the decade our fear of participating in the challenges that characterize the social network has also ended, since more and more people over 18 or brands are encouraged to use TikTok. Attention to the greater presence of people in their 40s than in their 30s. Without a doubt, parental control has something to do with this.

Tiktok usage by age
TikTok usage by age (US, 2019)
These ingredients, along with its growing popularity in India and China, have made Tiktok reach a billion followers before any other network on the market.

One billion people use TikTok already
Growth speed of social networks for years in the market.
You just have to see how much the downloads of the application have grown only from one semester to another.

tiktok growth 2020
How can I advertise on TikTok?
If you have started messing with the application, surely as soon as you enter you have already been impacted by an ad, have seen several sponsored trends or have missed a promotion between video and video.

Advertising on Tiktok is possible, but unlike Facebook and Instagram, there is no space open to the public from which to manage your ads. For now, if you want to advertise your brand on the social network, you will have to contact TikTok from its advertiser form.

The advertising packages that they offer for now are perhaps far from the reach of the most B2B Phone List humble budgets, however, one of the best advantages of TikTok is its good organic functioning. If the content of your brand is good and connects with the audience, its visibility will grow like foam without the need for direct investment.

Why should you start considering using TikTok?

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