Before opening a store, you should definitely get to know your competitors who sell either the same or similar products and do some level of competitor research.

By finding out these things, you will get a good idea of ​​the activities of your competitors and you can find competitive advantages for your own online store. If you want to do the online shopping yourself, it is good to note that it is usually not possible to do it without expenses either.

B2C or B2B online store?

The target group of e-commerce can Mexico Phone Number List be both consumers (B2C business-to-consumer) and companies (B2B business-to-business) or both at the same time.

  • The legislation regarding online shopping differs for consumer and business customers.
  • Payment methods may be slightly different depending on the target group.  Typical restrictions are, for example, limiting the number of products, lack of options for customizing the appearance, and requiring the use of a subdomain, i.e. the domain name is in the form

Profitability calculation

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What is a good result in terms of profitability calculation, of course, depends a lot on the industry.

Before setting up an online B2B Phone List store, you should also think about the goals of the online store. Goals should be ambitious, yet realistic.  Expenses arise from, for example, the domain name, the e-commerce platform, various add-ons and appearance themes, and the hosting solution. You should also consider your own time use as an expense, because the time spent as an entrepreneur is always taken away from something else.

Setting up an online store price

The prices and quality of various purchased online store implementations vary a lot, and even a high price does not guarantee quality. If you decide to outsource the implementation of the online store, it is good to take your time to look for a suitable professional and ask him to see previous work as well.


It is also good to remember that the price of setting up an online store depends on many factors, which is why it is usually impossible to say the exact amount you would need to start with.

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