Many times we try to follow a trend or create TOP content to reach more people and have a greater reach, but things get complicated. However, one day you record a less elaborate video than others and it goes viral. QUE? Yes, this can happen. Or it may also happen that you are a crack and have more than Have gone viral one viral video. Whatever the case, you have gone viral and the big question is…WHAT NOW? In today’s post we explain how to take advantage of this opportunity to grow and maintain your community , along with tools like Iconosquare . Ready? Go for it! Surely you are also interested in: How to level up your.

Make use of a good tool Have gone viral

Instagram strategy with Iconosquare 5 TOP tools with AI that every lazy Social Media Manager needs The 12 TOP Instagram analysis tools maintain community iconosquare Make use of a good tool You must make the most of this moment to grow and, to do so, you can choose company data good tool to help you do so. Which A VERY good option is Iconosquare . It presents different functionalities that will help you increase your followers and offer TOP content . But, in this case, what features do we recommend? We’ll tell you below, baby.Analytics The first functionality that will help you, under the context we are talking.

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The content strategy and, through a customizable control panel (or dashboard), you will be able to access a summary and analytics on the activity of your profile, the B2B Phone List community, content, engagement, etc. That is, graphs with KPIS such as: engagement rate, average participation rate per publication, reach; and information about your followers (for example, age and location) and their evolution in the “Community” section. best time to post iconosquare This way, you will be able to know what type of audience you have and what type of content they may be interested in . By offering the best content (aka valuable content) you will be able to maintain and grow your community. In other sections such as “ Stories ” on Instagram, you can view their engagement, reach, performance, etc. This way you can get an idea of ​​which stories work.


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